Friday, November 04, 2005

How Much Is Your Blog Worth?

Thanks to my newest visitor, Tololy, I found this interesting link on her blog. Dane Carlson, a blogger/entrepreneur, used Technorati, which is a blog search engine, to develope a tool that calculates how much your blog is worth; not based on traffic, but on the conversation and other sites linking to your blog.

Here is Washed Ashore's net worth:

And here is Sa7at Alsafat's:

Not bad at all. Of course, these are not solid, absolute numbers that you'd make if you listed your blog today on eBay. As of now, it's just a means to compare against other blogs. So check yours out ;)


مبتدئ said...

bi3 bi3 bi3

Shurouq said...

Mine is worth $0.00
Beat that

3eedik M'barak by the way :)

Sloth said...

likewise ! /me tarkith rakthat see a'a76a...
o 3eedk imbarak Jandeef :)

Jandeef said...

Mobi .. Shakhbari int :P

Shurouq .. It means it's priceless :P

Slothieee .. Inty shakhbari ba3ad :P

3asakum min 3awwadah =)

Q said...

Mobi, LOOL!! A7la comment!

Jandeef, inzaain now that i got a price, can i get listed in the stock exchange??

Jandeef said...


اسأل كتلة المستقلين