Thursday, November 17, 2005


There is a reason why our football team is not doing well.

Recentlly, our backup running back was arrested for DUI. He failed a sobreity test after getting pulled over by the police. So far, the story sounds normal until police looked in the back of his car and found a 200-lb sheep!

After some investigation, the sheep turned out to be stolen from our university's animal research center. He claims it was some kind of a prank. Anyway, after more investigation, the sheep turned out to be the subject of a study about homoxuality in animals. Lol!

So there you go. Our RB stole a homosexual sheep! He was suspended by the team; the player, that is. I'm not sure whether that was a result of the DUI or stealing the poor sheep :P

A couple of my friends are with him in a class. They say, since the incident, everytime he steps into the classroom, all the students would go "hmmmmBbaaAaAaa33." Hehe :P


AyyA said...


snookie said...

hmm.. im concerned about the fact that theyre not focusing on the DUI detail.. personally, i would say "ba3th inaaaas ijacksinoon o ma ya3zimoona!" ;P

NYchick said...

llool what is this embaaa3 thing with us? I had a post called embaa3, so did Q and now u! :)

Q said...

hahahahahahaha! inta start singing in kuwaiti "kharooof imsalsal, hiddooooh, taraho yaakum, hiddooh....."

Noone will get it but who cares, its still funny!