Monday, October 31, 2005

Thoughts of Blog Change

It's been a little over six months since I started this blog (don't worry I'm not writing this to celebrate any kind of milestone). I'm unhappy about a couple of things:

1. I don't like the template because:
  • It's a blogspot template, so it's not unique.
  • The text space is so narrow that posts appear longer than they are.
  • I picked it because it was the least I disliked.
  • I don't know what the stuff on the header mean, and I don't care.
2. I don't like the blog name (Washed Ashore) because:
  • I came up with it after a five-minute only brainstorming.
  • It's so cliche`-tic and boring.
  • I'm not a big fan of حرف الشين, and to my garada, it has two.
  • Google turns out a bejillion results for it, making it un-unique.
  • When I hear it, I just don't feel that I have a blog with that name.
I've been ignoring this displeasure for some time, thinking I'll like it more when it becomes more populare and I see more people linking to it. It was a friend who brought these thoughts back to me when I showed it to him. He's a computer programmer, web designer, and entrepreneur who owns and runs a web design/hosting/advertising company. He started throwing in ideas for making my blog look better and getting it more out there. He even offered his help if I'm interested in making a change.

Sounds intriguing, but I'm thinking if I'll go for a change, it'll most likely be for as long as this blog is alive, so it better be good. Also, if I go for it, I might as well move to a domain name instead of blogspot.

What do you think? Should I or should I not? If you think I should change, feel free to throw in any suggestions.


snookie said...

yes. move to wordpress and get your own .com domain! :)

3baid said...

Change whatever you want but make sure you're happy with it in the end. :)

Q said...

agooool, take the first step like snookie said o go .com, check me out at

sexy no? ;P

Mother Courage said...

lol @ Q

yeah, give it a try ... u got us a bit excited here ;-p

Jandeef said...

Snookie .. Following your lead =)

3baid .. Thanks dude =)

Q .. Ooooh min waranna :P

MC .. Inshalla .. ain't gonna be any time soon though.

Tololy said...

I share a good number of your so-called "displeasures".
I do not really approve of the overall look of my current blog but I have to live with it because I A-don't have the time to mess with it B-am not an expert. If this sounds passive then it probably is.

I say go for the change, and if you learn some tricks do not hesitate to contact me. I would love to learn something new.

The Blah Brain said...

Hey, nice blog you've got here. :)

Jandeef said...


Welcome to my not-so-happy-about blog =)

Yea I'm not an expert either, but my friend, bless his heart, offered to help. Time is still an issue to me. That's why I said it won't be any time very soon.

The Blah Brain,

You sound like another spammer. Are you? :P