Sunday, November 20, 2005

Jandeef's Shorelines III

I'm going to Kuwait soon for x-mas break. The last time I spent winter in Kuwait was 4 years ago, so I'm excited.

Who's taking me out?

ّI slept in today and missed Real vs. Barca, but I just made it up with USC vs. Fresno St. Damn! Arguably, the best college football game I've seen in a long time.

Reggie Bush for Heisman! 300 yards in a single game! What the hell!

On a related note, while watching ESPN's SC, they introduced "one of the nation's oldest football rivalries was played today between..." - and I was anticipating anxiously - "... Harvard and Yale." No offense, but doesn't it sound like a sentense fragment? Anyway, Harvard won.

While I'm sure USC tonight is partying till the morning, I had an image in mind of a Harvard player saying "Oh wonderful we won. I'm in a good mood for doing homework tonight."

Last night, I dreamed that I'm attending Al-Laila AlMu7amadiya and mitt bachi on Alruwaishid's performance. Does that mean somebody's invading us anytime soon?

This weekend's obsession: Just The Two of Us (L).

I refuse to spend $6 on a movie by someone I refuse to accept as a rapper.

So fake!


Finally, check out my latest post on Sa7at Alsafat for a few smiles and laughs :)


Erzulie said...

Heh, I visited your blog to see if you did any changes :P But seriously though (sorry for skipping your football post/story) I don't know jack about blogs and such but I just played around...for some while! Oh and I love the song too! At first I thought you posted Will Smith's version and I was like 'Hmmm...' then I thought 'Maybe it's the "Austin Powers" version' :P That one's pretty funny though...

Jandeef said...


Hehe yea maybe I should've mentioned it's Bill Withers.

SheWrites said...

We're totally doing sushi. :*


Jandeef said...

SheWrites .. I object :D

Btw ..


Shurouq said...

Bill Withers' "soul shadows" was on when my car's audio system went off yesterday..
Today I had to sing myself to work and back :/

nanonano said...

طافتك المباراة مالت ريال و البرشه....مساكين ريال صاروا كأنهم خلال بطبق...رونالدينيو بدّع...فنّان

واللي لعب حلو في مباراة مانشستر يونايتد مع شارلتون فان نيستروي...هم بعد كانت خوش لعبه

و أذا تبي تضحك كان لازم تشوف مباراة اليوفي و روما...خلال 8 دقايق اليوفي ياب 3 أهداف على روما في ملعبهم

Jandeef said...

Shurouq .. If i had your singing on an MP3 I would've posted it instead :D

Nano .. Yea I saw a recording of Real vs. Barca later. Hehe timaskharow. Didn't see the others though.

snookie said...

hmm.. where i am its $8!

بومريوم said...

العزيمه على
رهش و صويخات بالقهوة الشعبيه

بس بعدها يبيلك سطل انسولين علشان يحرق السكر

SheWrites said...


But.. but why?



Jandeef said...

Bo Maryoom .. Ba3ad Chabdi :D Chabda o Chalaweee!

Sheee .. That's because I'm a Big Big Big Big fan of Sushi, am I not?

SheWrites said...

Hm. K.

Then we'll do cake!



Jandeef said...

Yay :D