Tuesday, August 30, 2005

To My Beloved .. Laptop (RIP)

Dear Laptop,

It's been a wonderful four years. We've had our ups and downs. Sometimes together and sometimes against each other.

I broke you today. I swear it wasn't intentional. Although I was going to salvage you very soon, that wasn't the way I intended for our farewell.

I didn't know what to write exactly for this elegy. Should I cherish the good times we had together? Or should I curse the hell out of you for the down times?

Remember when you ruled? When I bragged about you everywhere. That was when Pentium III was da man! And XP was the new kid on the block. Not anymore. Not since I'd been having to format you every four months just so you stay alive. It was like keeping you up on life-support. You deserved being faithful to though. I tried my best to extend our commitment to each other. Today, though, was the ultimate ending. You couldn't take it anymore, and I couldn't either.

I still brag about you. It is indeed very rare to see a laptop still functioning alright after even three years, keeping in mind how many new processors were released after yours.

I am not going to salvage you anymore. I'm even going to fix you then place you on my Shelf Of Fame. I need some stuff inside you anyway, so you better be fixed! Also, just so you don't get surprised, I'm going to bring in a new one. However, out of respect to our years, I'll always make sure you're in a different room.

Tell me. Is it only a myth that a car, machine, or just anything breaks when the owner plans on getting a new one? Honestly, did you hear me asking friends for recommendations? Or was it easier to figure out since I've been using you to research labtop makers sites? If I hurt you by doing so, I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to be rude. Please, forgive me.

It broke my heart when it happened today. I was helpless. I only had a few minutes to say goodbye before your battery ran out. I didn't use these few minutes to save whatever I can save. Instead, I just stared at you, remembering all the glory days we had between us. You've been a great companion. You were with me at home, in the classroom, in the lab, on the train, on the airplane, in the hotel, and every where I went.

You've been great. So long, partner. I'll meet you in heaven.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Jandeef's Shorelines I

Finally things have settled in Kuwait for me ... sort of. Sleeping is sorted out, work load is a little less, and I finally went out and hung out with friends and family. Once again, I feel like a stranger.

Speaking of free time, I need a weekend in a chalet alone. No computer, no phone, and nobody! The thing is I don't have a chalet that I have so much control over. I can't ask my uncle to dedicate his chalet just for me.

A lot of repair work is going on in our house, and it's irritating. Strangers walking in and out, paint smell, noise and Mr. Jack hammer above my room, grandpa not liking their work almost all the time, and it's taking longer than it should.

By the way, did I tell you that I'm getting my own semi-apartment at home? :D I demanded at least a bedroom, living room, and bathroom, and my demands were peacefully met. I'm sick of white walls, so I decided I'll paint the living room light beige with darker spots, but it wasn't a perfect finish. Since I didn't like how the color looked anyway, now they're repainting it very light grey-bluish background with blue and dark grey spots. (Blogger's color collection wasn't very helpful).

I made a new real-life friend. I met a fellow blogger for the first time in my short blogging history. We had a conversation about our careers over coffee for her, snapple for me, and an Oreo cheese cake that I didn't like. We're picking up the conversation today as we'll be meeting a guy who's going to talk to us about his career, which is related to mine.

Miami's "Ya Booya" is hillarious! "Oo Shooo Sawwa?"

Girls here are getting more gorgeous by the minute! Crush rate is at an all-time high.

A friend of mine is going through "sexual frustration." Help him please. 9a3ban 3alay.

Finally, I know I've been posting personal things about me that have probably revealed my identity to you, so I'll repeat Mobi's pledge: if you know me, please don't tell me! I too don't want to know. And keep it to yourself, will ya? Don't go spread it around, please. Worse than that is someone trying to trick me, either on purpose or just double checking that it's actually me, like asking me whether or not I read some posts (especially on Sa7at Alsafat), and these posts all happen to be written by Jandeef!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

JetLag .. Dust .. NBN

I arrived a while ago and still battling jetlag. Last night I slept at 8 pm and woke up at 4 am :/

Anyway. I haven't been able to post anything because I've been a little busy and nothing to post about. Here are a couple of things.

It appears that I came to Kuwait and brought the dust with me :/

Not being able to sleep, I was flipping through TV channels at around 4 am, and I came across this channel. It's called NBN and I have no idea as to which country it belongs to. The show was an audience-participation quiz, and they get prizes. Poor hostess. She spent about 30 minutes begging viewers to call in and participate! She was saying "Yalla ma bedkum etza3loonee .. yalla etti9looo! .. badna musharik wa7ed 3al a'al" I was like OMG is this real! Hehe I laughed my head off. Not only that. Do you see the circle in the middle that has like a timer clock? That's a timer for the current quiz. Once time is up, she moves on to the next quiz. Time ran out on this quiz but she stopped it at 2 minutes "to give viewers a chance to still call!" Hehe. How dumb can you be to broadcast a quiz show early in the morning :/ Still I couldn't believe that no body called.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

We'll Never Forget

Courtesy of Sarah