Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The City Where The Heat Is On

Pictures from my short cruise trip in Miami (Celebrity citing at the end):

The bridge connecting Miami with South Beach.


I want to have such activities at my disposal!

Dolphin fin.

Some Celebrity house with an OUTDOOR living room!

Line up of fun.

Where my honeymoon will be inshalla. The big one that is.

Al Capone's former house

We passed by his house, and to our surprise, he was hanging out with his children.

Ladies and Gentleman .. Shaquille O'neal!


Erzulie said...

Wow! Yeah Miami is FULL of celebs; half of my "Celeb Encounters" was there. Hope you had fun :)

3baid said...

Great pictures! :)
Looks like you've been having fun. :P

moryarti said...

nice photos .. thanks for sharing ..

snookie said...

that outdoor living room is TIGHT

wanasaaaaaa.. a basketball fan meeting a basketball star.. :)

thats like me meeting Drew Barrymore when i go to LA for christmas INSHALLAAAAAAAAA... ya rab achoofha :)

Jandeef said...

Erz .. Yea so many celebrity houses on that cruise trip.

3baid .. I did 7amdilla =)

Moryarti .. =)

Loved that living room! look closely and see the curtains! amazing.

Hehe drew barrymore? shako :P

snookie said...

cuz she's my fave person bil 3alam kila :P

Sloth said...

excellent pics ! someone is getting the hang of digitalization (don't know if that is even a word)

good job ! sounds like fun :)

AyyA said...

Nice pictures Jandeef :)

بومريوم said...

نفس العبارات اللى يودون فيلكا

Jandeef said...

Snook .. good luck tooo ya then :P

Sloth .. Walla enjoying my new Digi cam! I have to admit it sucks indoors, but beautiful outdoors.

Ayya .. =)

Bo Maryoom .. Lol تقريباً

آخر مرة رحت فيلكا على العبارة أيام الثانوية وكنت مزرق وما دفعت حساب التذكرة

Alia said...

الصور وايد تحر خصوصا اننا نداوم كل اليوم الصبح في الكويت مو ميامي

but thanks for sharing them

Hope said...

kinda old post bas i couldnt resist the pics.. everytime i heard about miami or seeing a pics like those i feel bad bcuz i was in FL last march and i didnt get the chance to go to miami :(