Sunday, February 05, 2006

Calling On Survivor Fans

Did you see the new season premier of Survivor last Thursday night?

It kicked off a bit/lot differently this time around. The 16 participants were divided into 4 groups based on age and gender: Old Men, Old Women, Young Men, and Young Women. Interesting, huh? Wait. It gets better.

The 4 tribes compete in the reward challenge. One member of the losing tribe gets abandoned in a remote Exile Island till the immunity challenge. All alone. The disadvantage for that member is that whatever strategizing or alliance making going on camp, he/she is completely out of it. The advantage is that there's a super immunity idol hidden somewhere on that Exile Island, with hints to its whereabouts given by Jeff Probst. More interesting? It gets even better. The idol is "super" because it can be used at any point up through the final four. Not only that; it can be used even after the votes are read, and the person with the 2nd most votes goes home!

In the 1st episode, poor Misty from the Young Women was left behind. Jeff explained to her what she was up against in that island. In the process, he said "you should think about why fate chose you to be the 1st one left here, and why the idol is already so important. And as for the clue to its whereabouts, I've already given it to ya" !!!@@

He said that and it creeped me out! I kept rewinding it back trying to figure something out. Not a clue yet.

Going along with my Survivor rituals, I already picked my crush for this season. Killer-smile Sally. She's cute, quiet, tall, and did I say killer smile already?

Misty was cool too. She has dark hair and a clear, nice way of talking. Too bad I think she's not going to last very long. She seems very fragile.

I also like Danielle; the fierce, Stephanie-type sporty gal. She might not be the best looking, but I just have this special thing for sporties. She's my ultimate pick!

Okey so I have 3 crushes this time. Kaaifi!

The rest of the cast is interesting too. One of them is a retired NASA astronaut.


Here is the dilemma. When I started watching Survivor (season 2), I had a few friends who were fans as well. We'd enjoy watching it together. Now (season 12) it's lonely. I'm the only one watching it that it gradually became a guilty pleasure. So I'm calling on Survivor fans out there. Anybody?

Call me a reality TV freak. Kaaaaaifi again! I even have a survivor t-shirt :D