Thursday, June 09, 2005


Don't you just hate being told that your flight is overbooked?

My family, coming to attend my graduation, were sent back home today because their flight was overbooked! There were about 20 other people with the same story. I thought you only had to deal with this crap with Ku-Wait Airways, so that's why I insisted on them coming on Lufthanza!. It seems that the crap is contageous.

Mom called me asking what's the best way out of the situation. She handed the phone to some poor counter clerk that I felt bad about after I lashed out at him. I made the story sound to him like I haven't seen my family for 5 years and they're going to miss my graduation :P. He offered to divert them onto Turkish Airlines!! I was like hell no! Then he offered Kuwait Airways, and I was like Double Hell No!

Finally, he offered the exact same flight but a day later, a 220KD refund on each ticket, and passes to the Business Class lounge in Frankfurt. My graduation is on Sunday so they'll make it before that.

I thought of it as Kheera :P They get tickets for 220KD less, business class lounge, and I get one extra day to clean and prepare the apartment (which is taking forever). Thikrow Allah please mashya weyay 9a7 these days :P

Overbooking sucks, and the dude who came up with its model sucks too! This is the first time in a long time that I see Kuwait Airways doing something like another decent airlines.


Jelly Belly said...

awal shay bel baraka 3ala al faaal leee ya raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaab (6al3a min galb)
and my parents are supposed to come this summer from Germany and they can't find a decent flight to my state in any of the wants a stright flight and everything is over-booked...I really hope ma yehawnoon coz I miss them...I haven't seen them for 3 years :(
and the apartment cleaning...LOL
I have to do major spring cleaning mom is a clean/neat everything has to be perfect before she gets here...
anyways dear I hope they arrive in time for your graduation...o alf alf mabrook mogdaman :D
o garat 3ainik mogdaman too :D

Exceer said...

MASHALLA that is wonderful.

see in my case i nagged over their heads so that they book it 2 months before the graduation..
you are talking here to someone who painfully experienced sleeping on airport benches in countries that dont speak english

thank god flights to UK are direct

anywayz, have fun at the grad eh!!

Q said...

Mabrook muqaddaman o im glad u got things worked out!

As for me, I personally called my parents and told them dont bother and come all the way here for a 2 hour ceremony, they were convinced! I was happy, AND i didnt attend my graduation! LOL! I went at the end so my friends and I can leave straight for a crazy day/night!

aaah....the good old days!

Jandeef said...

Allah ebarik fech o ib waih nibiyyich =) Overbooking sucks especially when you go to the airport and send you back home! I bought the tickets for money and I made plans accordingly, what the hell gives you the right to send me back home!

Yea I've had my share of sleeping on benches too. Sucks!

My family has been planning to come to me every summer for the past 5 years, but something always came up and had them cancel!

Yea the ceremony is a couple hours in the Sun, but I'm looking forward to the vacation. I miss traveling with family! Don't you just get sick of your friends sometimes? Or maybe it's the other way around for you being a married man :P

illusion said...

Congradulation, enjoy your time there as mucb as you can, before heading back :)

Jandeef said...

Thanks Illusion .. Will do. Ain't no heading back anytime soon so don't worry =)

شرقاوي said...

مبروك التخرج.

الزحمة، والتأخير من علامات الساعة، يا جنديف.

وسع الصدر يالحبيب.