Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Love You, Mom

I know I haven't been posting these days. My family is here and I'm just enjoying my time with them. On Sunday was my graduation ceremony, and I couldn't be happier than sharing it with my beloved mother.

I want to share with you a greeting card she mailed to me (before she learned how to use e-mail) in my first days in the US 5 years ago. For 5 years, no body has ever stood by me like she did. Through happiness and sadness; ups and downs; or 3ala golat 7ayat el fahad "Bel masarrat wal madharrat." So mom, thanks for everything. I wish one day I could pay some of it back to you. I love you.

Ain't she cute? =)


Shurouq said...

Very cute :)
الله يخلي لك الوالدة

Kuwaiti_Man said...

الله يخليلك الوالدة, ولاتنسى تبوس راسها نيابة عننا كلنا معشر البلوغرز, وتسلم عليها

تحياتي لك وللوالدة

Jelly Belly said...

your mom letter reminds me of so many notes I got from my mom through out the years...before my mom discovers text messaging...LOL

allah yekhaleelik alwalda inshallah and I'm sure you repaid her maybe a little by seeing you on your graduation...again dear mabrook o 3asa allah yakhaleelik alwalda :)

Sloth said...

3asa alla iykhaleeha lik inshalla o iykhaleek laha :)
hulla hulla bil tikana :P

W. said...

adorable :)

khnagatni il3abrah

SheWrites said...

I'm in love with the entire 'deef family, I think.

Will you adopt me?

Allah 7khaleelik ilwalda :)

That was one of the sweetest things I've ever seen.

PS - Alf, alf, ALF mabrook 3ala your graduation! :) You coming back now?

Jandeef said...

Allah esalmich wekhalleech 7ag ahalich =)

Kuwaiti Man,
Youuuu9al Inshalla.

Hehe yea ewansoon with their old correspondance means. That's what made the letter extra sweet. Bs e7na ta6awur now, we do video conferencing on msn 3ishtow :P

Tikana? Maaa t3arfeen tkamleen kalamich 3adel, laazim tkharbeena ib shay!

Khengeeeeeeeeeha !

Zwaratna on Friday. 7ayaach let them see you and maybe you'll get adopted. 3ad 3indina naq9 banat. Male genes are dominant in the 'deef family.

Ain't no coming back any time soon. I'm doing my masters now, so i'll be sticking around for another year and a half.

I have to think of an alternative name for you 3ashan adal3ich feeh in response to 'deef. Hmmm SheShe? :P

Exceer said...

OH cool, what course are u going to do in Masters?

AyyA said...

Brought tears to my eyes :’(

nanonano said...

i'm soooooo happy for you darling...allah eywansik bil 3afia

Sloth said...

aren't u glad i am done with exams ?!
i so miss bugging u :P

Jandeef said...

I'm doing a master of science in engineering.


Allah e3afeech =) Tifri7en be3yalich inshalla =)

Don't get too excited babe .. I'm traveling on Monday :P

SheWrites said...


SheShe! I sound like a fluffy dog, no?

Yalla, expect me on Friday. Should I bring a gift?

N... uh. SheShe. :)

Flamingoliya said...

very touching :) allah ekhaleekom 7ag ba3ath.

Jandeef said...

A gift for moi? No problem!

Allah esalmich =)

رشيد الخطار said...

Amazingly Cute!
يا أخي أمي تبعث لي رسائل بالإيميل، غير المكالمات، لكن أحياناً لما أوصي أحد يجيبلي شغلة من البيت، ألاقي ظرف ... والا أمي كاتبتلي رسالة.. أعتقد لدي 4 حتى الآن.. أقرب شيء لأي شخص أن تقرأ خطه وتمسك الورقة التي كتب عليها بنفسه.. أحسن من التليفون وأحسن من الإيميل.. يمكن أحسن لما تكون أمام الشخص، لأنك لو كنت أمامه، لن يعبر بالطريقة التي يعبر بها كتابة..

الله يخليك لأمك يا جنديف ويخليها لك وتشوف جناديف صغار إن شاءالله

Jandeef said...


"أقرب شيء لأي شخص أن تقرأ خطه وتمسك الورقة التي كتب عليها بنفسه"

Couldn't have said it better than that!

Hehe Janadeef 9ghaar.. Yazatly :P