Saturday, June 18, 2005

10 Best Things About Having Your Family Over

As I mentioned previously, my family is here for the summer vacation. This is the first time they visit me. The Quality of Life is waaaaaaaay higher. Their stay so far included attending my graduation and moving to a new apartment. Here are 10 best things about having your folks over:

1. They force you to clean and tidy up your apartment before they arrive.

2. They pack your stuff for you prior to moving out, and unpack it and sort it out when you move into your new apartment.

3. Not only is your fridge no longer empty, but it's also colorful!

4. Your apartment will have a feminine touch, which is more aesthetically pleasing.

5. You wake up and get asked "What would you like for breakfast?"

6. You finally eat a perfect machboos; not an overcooked rice or burned chicken.

7. You finish eating, wash your hands and mouth, and come out and find your dishes already washed!

8. You get to sit your butt on the couch and have your juice, tea, or water delivered to you.

9. Your laundry is done on a semi-daily basis.

10. Your bank account remains untouched for as long as they're here, and you might end up with a balance increase (yet to be seen :P).


Exceer said...

LOoOL, number 10 is the MAIN reason i want my parents to come ;)

Hanan said...

lool. yeah i know the feeling. then then they leave and you're back to being a bachelor living alone:(

enjoy their stay

مبتدئ said...


Enjoy it while it lasts..

bas tara itha 6alat iseer il wath3 ghliga.. ehe

3awafi :(

Jelly Belly said...

Allah yehaneek inshallah...I'm gonna have this feeling real soon and I can't wait honestly...bas the only difference is I'm a better cook than my mom...LOL

Shurouq said...

Get your own drink ya walad.
Ufff.. Dala3!

Enjoy their stay :)

بو سالم said...

Since you know the condition of my apartment, you will understand why I insisted that mom stay in my apt instead of a hotel. I still dont know how will/can I clean it, therefore enjoying my time right now with stuff never in their usual place.

jandeef, tell me what you miss when her highness is over.

Jandeef said...

Ohh yea! They couldn't come at a better time :P when I needed to furnish my apartment.

Don't remind me of that =(

Hehe yea t9addig. The excitement is diminishing slowly.

Allah esalmich. Hehe ams she made machboos and she was complaining about my stove. She said it caused the rice to be "Layyen." So ma 9addagt khabar and started teasing her that she's not a good cook. Lamma nichabna, akhayyech wadda 9a7nain @@. I was like "and you call this 3aish layyen? come try mine :/"

Nothing tops the royal feeling :D

Bo Salim,
Hehe man your apartment! It always amazed me that you could find your stuff in it! Ya3ni when I look for a book, the logical option would be my book shelf. Inta you go behind the sofa, under a table, in a plastic bag, and you find it there. Ee shloooon!

sJea said...

a colorful refrigerator...never thought of it that

Jandeef said...


Yep. With all the different fruits and beverages, it is colorful. It feels nice to just open it and look at it!