Thursday, June 02, 2005

Jandeef ... The "Pro" Writer

I received this e-mail from someone, which I thought was an interesting one. I thought I'd share it with you all, and I hope the sender excuses me for that.


im sorry 4 intruding

u dont know me but i stumbled upon ur homepage 2day the BD greeting u wrote is amazing & heart breaking sara7aaaa inshala u get back 2gether soon im into writing and reading but never tried publishing online :(

any way i have a few qs 4 u if u dont mind :D

1 at what age u started writing?
2 how old are u now?
3 where do u see your self in 5 yrs from now? writing wise
4 did u consider taking it professionally? like writing 4 a magazine or a news paper perhaps \

u said ask on ur homepage ana maly she`3el :D

sorry 4 bothering u again

First of all, thank you for stumbling here and taking the time to read. I'm flattered. Now to answer your questions:

1. I think it's fair to say I started writing when I first learned the alphabet :P

2. Almost 23.

3. On the field with my engineer's hat on during the day; In the office writing a technical report in the evening.

4. I already did to some extent, but I wouldn't get too excited about it if I were you. Key word here is "professionally." C'mon... You left all these talented, creative bloggers on my favorites list and resorted to me?! Wow! Now I really am flattered :D. If you rank me with them in terms of creative writing, I bet I'd take number 1. From the bottom of course.

My writing is boring as hell, assuming hell is actually boring. When I started this blog I hoped it would help me develop writing skills. I don't see myself there yet. The birthday post was not "creative writing" as much as it was me fulfilling a promise and giving my visitors a chance to help a fellow blogger get some load off his chest.

Into reading and writing? Let's see your stuff. One final note though: try not to use periods and comas as much as you did in your e-mail. It'll improve your writing :P .. Just teasing ya ;)

Finally, is this just out of curiosity? or am I being used as a lab rat? 'cause it sure looks to me like a focus group study, which I don't mind. I'm just curious :P


مبتدئ said...



SheWrites said...
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SheWrites said...

Okay, I'm jealous again.

How cool is it that someone would take the time out to email you that lovely sentiment? People can be so.. adorable(?).. sometimes. :)

Keep writing, 'deef. We're reading.


nanonano said...

أنا أعتقد أن الجميع عنده مواهب و قدرات مدفونه و عالم المدونات ساعد على أبراز هالقدرات

Celebrity said...

Yep, I've stumbled by chance too, if I recall correclty... I google you guys. =)

Jandeef said...

Agzar minnik mafeeesh.

Prouds to make you jealous again =) Yea I loved the e-mail. That's why I wanted to share it with everybody. I was flattered by her comments.

I'll keep writing, thanks for reading =)

Fi3lan Fi3lan Fi3lan. What helps even more is the freedom and anonymouty (sort of).

Yea google helps. Whenever I research something, especially politically, I get Sa7at Alsafat most of the times. Ask Mobi about that :P

Q said...

Jandeef, uve been googled! hahahaha, tara if u think about how it sounds, its just too funny, uve been googled! lol!

Jandeef said...

Int min raddait min Turkey o ana 7as mant 6abee3i :P Kel ma shift lik comment algak ettikarkar min galb :P

Jelly Belly said...

Bel Baraka Pro ;)

SheWrites said...

Gilna inna you're a good writer... so you stop writing?

Wainik, 'deef? Haven't heard a peep from you in a while.


Jandeef said...

Ebarik feech yuba =)

- Finished finals yesterday.
- Working on a research paper due tomorrow.
- Family arriving tomorrow; therefore,
- Cleaning the apartment today, and
- Buying stuff for them to sleep on.
- Packing my stuff to move to a new apartment early next week.

Hehe feel free to help :P

I'll write inshalla as soon as I'm done with this paper.