Wednesday, June 22, 2005

A Day At Disneyland

I spent today at Disneyland with my family, and we had so much fun. Disney is celebrating its 50 year anniversary, so they're making everything special throughout the parks.

I have never seen a fireworks show in my life like the one we saw tonight. I've been to two Disney fireworks shows before; both in California and Florida, but today's show was different and amazing. You see sparks forming faces, hearts, and differenet objects, and sparks chasing each other in the sky. You gotta see it!

I had so many crushes today that I lost count! The girl performers in the parade and the different shows were absolutely gorgeous. O ana amshi o a7ib. If someone knows one of those Disney performers, please hook me up!

We attended the Aladdin musical play at Disney's Adventure, and it was amazing. It brought the lil' Jandeef inside me back, with all the favorite Aladdin songs, that I kept getting goos bumps. I miss those old Disney animations. Anyway, back to the play. It was fun and astonishing. The set, costumes, songs, performance, and the humor were all great. We got to see Aladdin and Jasmin flying on magic carpet FOR REAL over the audience! and Genie was hillarious with his jokes. I had some flashbacks of Masra7 Aldasma and Kaifan, wai3!

Anyway, I really enjoyed the play and had a crush on Jasmin too (L). Note that Jasmin in the picture is not the one I saw in the play.

Finally, while we were waiting for our shuttle, some american dude's t-shirt caught my attention, so I took a picture of it. Here it is:


forzaq8 said...

شهال الحاله ! تمشى و تحب
المفروض يزوجونك

you remind me of my childhood days , oh the memories

btw , why didn't you have flashbacks of entertainment city when you entered disnyland ? :P

Q said...

LOL forza! exactly same thing without the mouse :P

Jandeef, I never liked Disney, since I was a kid, I always thought of going to those parks as an annoying childish thing! Weird, no?

O i have a feeling that pic is of u, but misti7y itgoollina ;P

Jandeef said...

Flashbacks of what? I haven't been to it for 10 years maybe. I bet it's not much different now.

La walla I still enjoy theme parks. I have to admit that Six Flags appeals more to me. Disney would be perfect for a small family with a little kid or two.

About the t-shirt, chakkaaitny :P

hehe 7aram 3alaik ana wain o hatha wain. I'm even shorter than JellyBelly :/

Hanan said...

I miss Orlando :( 3alaik bil3afia
I love Disney. I'm with you, in terms of rides, Six Flags beats Disney any time. But there's something about the whole ambiance of Disney has a special charm. I guess media has a great influence in that.

Jelly Belly said...

Jandeef: me7tar min 6oolee? LOL :P
can you believe I never been 2 Disney?!! isn't that sad? I've been to six flags 3 times but never Disney...maybe some time this summer ma yendara!

Bloo said...

did you see alice .. was her wonderland as exciting as lewis put it in the book?

Jandeef said...

You're right. It's all about the ambiance, and the memories. The first time I saw Disneyland I was 12 with my family, so it's got a lot of memories.

Lol! .. Make a visit to it it's worth it. Even if you don't enjoy it, at least you'd say I lived in the US for so many years and I've been to disney land.

La wallah ma shuftahaaaaash!