Friday, April 15, 2005

Playoffs of Odds!

Okey a long day about to be over. I'm sick of politics at the moment and too tired to think too deep, so let's talk sports and NBA since I listed it as an interest on my profile. For the record, I'm an NBA fanatic and I watch 1 to 2 games every day. So allow me to bore you with my personal fascination.

This NBA season has been like a roller coaster ride. I was disappointed about myself not even being close with predictions, while I thought I knew something about the league. I'm staring at the standings as of today and I said Wow! .. What were the odds for what I'm seeing!

Who would've thought the teams in the western conference finals last year wouldn't make it to the playoffs this year? Okey, I invested a lot in Kobe, but it was pretty obvious from the start that the Lakers are a bad team this year. But Minnesotta! They've got the same roster as last year, yet they sucked this year. Poor KG. Of course Cassel and Spree are whinning about their contracts, but again, who would've thought?

Speaking of same roster, let's take Seattle. I thought they'd make the playoffs from the beginning, but I didn't think they'd be this good. Obviously they're on a 6 game losing streak and slow momentum into the playoffs, but that team has two stars, and more importanlty, role players who know what they're supposed to do, as it turned out.

Phoenix ... Who would've thought they'd get 59 wins (as of today) this season? Not only that, they're also an exciting team to watch. Damn they run. No defense, so they won't get my vote (my prediction might be proven wrong once again). Nash will get my MVP vote though.

Who would've thought the trademark Sacramento Kings team would be disassembled like that? And who would've thought C-Webb's impact on the Sixers is not what it's supposed to be?

Who would've thought that Grant Hill would actually play a full season (sort of) of 67 games? He's hurt again. I hope he's alright and will be back next year.

Who would've thought Indiana would be contending for home-court advantage after all what they've been through? I mean they played with only 5 players in a game, each 48 minutes! Let alone suspensions and injuries.

Now my favorite. Those baby Bulls! Wow where did they come out from? No superstars. Team effort, good coach, good point guard, and a good rookie. Finally the rebuilding process has paid off. I really hope my team's rebuilding process doesn't take as long. Not only did they make the playoffs, but they're holding home-court advantage as of now. Even though I'd love to see Miami rule the East, but I'll root for the Bulls as well just for the heck of it. Yestahlon.

This is the first time those baby Bulls make the playoffs since the last time these three fellas were in town in 98.

Miss those days!


Jelly Belly said...

I’m a Lakers fan but they suck royally this season...I think Kobe (kebar rasa)…he’s a great player but I can’t stand him for having one of the best NBA coaches (Phil Jackson) quitting and trading Shaq to Miami Heat!!!
I think Miami are dominating the eastern conference and I really enjoy Wade’s play.
But yeah what about Phoenix Suns?
Although they still suck in defense but Nash and Stoudemire are a great as a two-man team…I wish they could keep it up because I really enjoy their matches…I even went to a couple of their games and it is pretty amazing to watch it in court…it’s a long shot but I am rooting for them since my favorite team is in a bad shape this season :)
By the way I’m an amateur basketball fan but hell I enjoy watching the games.

Jandeef said...


Please, don't tell me you don't live somewhere around LA, or at least in Cali.

I'm a terrible basketball player, but I'm a big fan of the game. I watch a lot of games, not play =)

Q said...

Celtics all the way!

*cough* e7im *cough*

BEAT LA! BEAT LA! (We can sing that again now bcz we're in the playoffs and they'r not for the first time in centuries)

Since I left Boston, the following things have happened -
- Patriots won superbowl 3 times
- Redsox won world series for the first time since 1918
- Celtics are actually considered a decent team, AND with a winning record!

So, if I leave Kuwait, I have a feeling we will win our next 3 games and reach the World Cup!

Jelly Belly said...

Celtics! Come on Q that’s just wishful thinking :P
La et9eer 6ama3 you can’t have it all :P

Jandeef: maybe and maybe not…why are you so worried? :P

Jandeef said...


I'm always for the home team. And from my experience, many many laker fans that I know root for the lakers just coze of their history or their hollywood show-biz status. It's like rooting for Brazil in soccer as my friend says.

Anyway that's my personal bias on the lakers. Still love Kobe though =) And I hope it's your home team or your long-time favorite. And if it's not, I was just curious anyway. I root for Brazil too :P It's just that I enjoy Shimata on fans more when they're not of the home team. Especially laker fans when they lose =P

Signing Kobe I think is a good decision for the long run. Phil already said he was retiring at 60 (He seems to be interested in coming back now), and Shaq has only got a couple years in his tank. I think his peak was 2001. Though I like him more now with the Heat and a few pounds lighter. And that Wade kid, yea he's exciting to watch.

But it didn't help Kobe himself. I wish he'd gone to the clippers or Chicago.


Yakhi ma abla3 el celtics. I have great respect for Russel, Bird, and Coach Red, but I have a hard time liking a green team that's first :P

Second, I hate Walker's style of play. Gotta admit that I like Paul Pierce.

And as JB said, you can't have it all =)

Do you think if you leave Kuwait Azairig will make the world cup finals? Let's see how strong you think your effect (or curse:P) is.

Jandeef said...

I should clarify that I root for Brazil after Italy are knocked out.

Jelly Belly said...

Janadeef: I always root for the home team :)

I have been rooting for the lakers before they had their back to back championships...I have always enjoyed Kobe's play and I think he's one of the best players in the's just his ego...he's not a team player and he wants to be the star of each can't have that in basketball.

So you cheer for yellow teams? akeed Qadsawee :)

Peach said...

Boy you guys ARE fanatics, it’s so cute lol ;)
The only thing I know about basketball is that I used to play in high school during 19 o mako a7ad bil Kuwait ;p

Q said...


U root for Italy if Brazil are knocked out?! AND u hate the celtics!!

Ur like the antichrist to me! I despise Italian football, all clubs, and especially the national team! Brazil I really dont like either! Im a huge France fan (comes with the Arsenal package), I really like Holland and Spain too.....BUT, HOPEFULLY I will be rooting for the US in Germany! ;)

I'll explain later this week in my blog ;)

Jandeef said...


Qadsawe to the bone. An ashamed one coze of the big jerk running the club. Anyway back to NBA.

Even when I hated Kobe in the past, I still enjoyed watching him. I just hated him in the Past coze he broke my heart sooo many times with last second shots on my team.

I don't think he's got ego as much as he's misunderstood. Even by himself. Being a basketball player is like running a business. You need good PR. Community involvement and etc. You hear about Kobe only when he's in Uniform, in commercials, or in a Colorado court room. I never heard of any community work he's done. Or If he did, it's so minimal compared to what the average NBA player does. He came into the league not knowing what he wants. All I saw was another Jordan wannabe. Look at Lebron, playing his own style. Kobe realized it too late that he should start play his own game.


Hehe. Glad that you're enjoying our fanaticism. If that's a word. I played basketball in high school. I shoot the ball really well, but only alone lol.


Italy first, then Brazil =) baini o bainik, i haven't been that much into soccer since I came to the US. I only watch the big 2. World cup and Euro. I root for Italy since Schillachi's days. And it just went from there. Brazil, I enjoy the skills that's all =)

Wow .. I wrote this post coze I was out of thoughts and I expected it would suck big time. Yea only 4 of us commenting but each comment is deeper than the other. And it appears that it's gonna inspire a future post for Q. Thanks guys =) Lovin' it :D

Peach said...

hahahaaa me too! I remember in particular that my 3 shot was a good one .. also only when I was alone .. hence I was always on the defence loool

Jandeef said...


One more note. If you're gonna root for the US, try not to listen to American commentating.

Last world cup, I donno if you were still here or not, I enjoyed the US team's play, but man commentators were too irritating. Too much ignorance and cockiness with all this patriotic crap.