Wednesday, April 27, 2005

How Do We Move On?

Everything we do or decide has its good and bad sides. Deciding whether or not to go forward with it depends on how we juggle between them. Depends on how we look at it in general.

You could look at only the good side, and everything in it would look nice and dandy. However, you may miscalculate and go forward, then get stuck with the bad side later.

If you look at only the bad side, then things would look like an endless dark tunnel. You decide to drop it, but you might be missing something by not going forward. Either way, you have to make a decision that's basically a trade-off, and eventually live with it.

Let's say you drop it because you thought the bad outweighed the good, and you thought that's a conscious decision to make. More importantly, you believe in it. However, what you possibly missed by dropping it keeps haunting you. In other words, the good side that was outweighed by the bad one still haunts you.

You at least try to make yourself busy, but everything around you reminds you of it. You walk around, go to school, drive around, go to the gym, do your homework, hang out, blog, play, etc. Everything you do brings it back into your head.

So, how do you move on?


Sloth said...

sometimes its hard to see the good in the "bad" choices that we make..
But rest asure that you're fate is sealed.. god has amisterious way in guiding us..
just believe that you did what u thought is best and ur pain will melt away in time..
i trust ur judgment and i am behind u all the way :)
may god be with u all the time ..

otuydbvckblkh said...

correct ur mistakes or replace what u did wrong with something better right away .. don't wait for others reaction
if that doesn't work .. just ignore the problem and u will forget about it .. it costs u time & lots of annoying thoughts .. but eventually u will make it :)

Jandeef said...

Sloth and Q8-Leo.. Thanks for your comments.

Apparently I said it in a confusing way. I'm not saying I did a mistake by deciding to drop it. As I said, I believe that I did the right thing by dropping it.

However there was a trade-off. What I dropped wasn't completely bad. It had some good in it. And that good is what's haunting me. I keep getting thoughts about how much I'm missing out on that good. And all I want is to get over these thoughts and move on. But everything around me reminds me of it.

مبتدئ said...

مقولة لأسامة انور عكاشة

احفظها في ذاكرتك.. تقول:ـ

"أن تندم على ما فعلت.. خير من أن تتحسر على ما لم تفعل"ـ

Sloth said...

I understand what u said :) I was pointing to the "bad" IN the good decision that u made.. i know its good regardless...
memories will haunt u and u will doubt urself .. just don't get drawn by it.. stand firm on what u believe in.. and as i said.. i am totally behind u :)

Shurouq said...

I can sooo relate to this.
I'm not moving on, so I can't really help you or anything. I'm as stuck as you are and I'm not doing anything about it.
Passive, yes.. but that's me.

:) Good luck to you.

Jandeef said...

Great saying. And I 100% believe in it. But I keep getting the thoughts. all i'm looking for is ease of mind.
Yea I believe there's no escape from memories. I'm just trying to it to better myself. Your support means the world =)
Good luck both of us. I guess time will do most of the healing, so just hang in in there.

Sheba said...

Bint Khalti, (A) who is now married to the guy she dated for 11 years & they both turned religious (which just makes me wonder what they were up to that brought this climax, or anti climax), always used to say 'fa da2eni bi alati kanat hiya alda2u'

In English 'cure me by she who was my own disease'


Btw, (A) is a smart woman.
Weird, but smart.

Jandeef said...

There's always a fine line between Smart and weird. Or genious and crazy.