Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Blogger In Disguise Dream

I had my usual rough Sunday night sleep. An early morning class on Monday is definitely not a good idea. Unfortunately being a grad student there's only so many options when it comes to scheduling.

Anyway that's not the subject.

My rough night thankfully ended on a positive note. I had a weird, silly, funny dream. I literally woke up bursting out laughing. So here it is:

I dreamed of my buddy, Mubtade'e (who else?). He was, for some reason, wearing a mask like the one Tom Cruise (La t9addig) wore in Mission Impossible II. However, for some other reason, it was a mask of an Asian face. Lol.

So Mubtade'e go and look into the mirror. Imagine a round-faced Asian guy, but still with your real hair, a black sweater, and a right earring. That's exactly what I saw. Lool! And I had two of my friends, whom Mubtade'e doesn't know, 6ay7een feeh thaghaa6. Was hillarious hehe.

Apparently Mubtade'e is so paranoid about his blog-cover being blown, so he's taking it this far. Asian face mask. Hehe sorry but if you saw what I saw you wouldn't stop laughing :P

Ironically, just a week ago or so, he had a post about his dreams.

Hehe OMG I laughed so hard everytime I remembered it in class. So Mubtade'e, thanks man. You made my morning!


مبتدئ said...

Ma ra7 Ared 3alaik Al7een!

Khal anam ilyoom oo a7lim feek!! ya wailik ..

لي عودة قاسية للموضوع

Peach said...

lol that's funny I like how you guys are close and cozy with each other ;) allah ykhalekom 7ag ba3ath & Jandeef, Nice start & I love the name ;)

Anonymous said...

Jandeef...u had a dream about mobtd2? God people may misunderstand you,:) u3ne lazem tktba hny..call him ;)
zain 3ad meta elmelcha? lol

Jandeef said...
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Jandeef said...


Thanks for stopping by and the name loves you too.

Eeh Mubtade'e 7abeeb alby. Allah yaster from his retaliation.

la tgaa63eeen =)


LoL. This is what happened. I was chatting with him on MSN and told him "Hey i had a dream about you. Do you wanna hear it? or want me to blog it?"

He said: "Blog it" !!

I gave him the option, and he chose to blog it. Hehe now i guess he's regretting it.

I actually had my PlayBoy post ready, but posponed it coze Mubtade'e wanted me to blog my dream about him. Lool.

رشيد الخطار said...

A7la comment from peach:

close and cozy with each other ;)

hahaha! Ana mokhi ra7 b3eed just like NYChick said :P

Q said...

Jandeef, u saw as an Asian? would you say Korean?

* below the belt I know, and noone will understand it except one person I know. ;P

مبتدئ said...

Awalan.. I waited for a dream to retaliate! and all i got is SHARAR..
he was visiting my grandfather's dewanya which was in our school gym! and i was wearing dishdasha o Kaboos..ba3dain re7t il bayt oo dawart 3ala 3gal wella chalb yil7agni.. o ba3dain gi6a3t il wire mal sha7in ilsyara.. oo sawayta 3gal.. salfa 6weela ! ee oo lama madayt eedi 7ag sharar .. ma sallam!
Il mohim inni dawart 3alaik bil 7ilm .. itsub gahwa bidawnya .. wela shai. mo mawjood.. 7athik! ithaher Sharar ba6 chabdi akther minik .. :p

ana lo adri inik it7alim chithi!!!
chan ma gitlik blog it !

7aram 3alaik( ma3a i7trami to people who have an earring on their right ear)

Sara7a Shakayt ib nafsi ..

oo ba3dain mino hathail illi ythgh6oon!

And Peach.. hi
we are not cozy! :p
maybe he wishes we are! who knows..creepy

Nychick! Ay Milcha ..ehe
hathi sowalfah .. playboy.. oo right earring .. shasawi ana :p

hes is ASIAN
:p .. nafs ishai
Some things just never go away :(

oo jandeef mithil ma gal sa3ad il faraj.. 3aib it7allim bi3yal il awadem!

Q said...

LOL Mobtadi', this is by far comment of the day!

Every part of it is funny!! LOL!

btw, does it still affect u? ;P

Jandeef said...


Mukhik Always b3eed.


Aham shay your gradpa's duwaniya in your school gym.

Good luck with another dream inshalla.


Aaaaaah Ok .. Now I know why Mobi freaked out after I posted. He came to me paranoid asking me eshmi3na Asian!

So Korean haa :P Q, thanks for the blessing man hehe! "Korean" is much more like him. I used to call him another name, which I can't say here :P e-mail me etha tdawwer 3alaih shay :P

Welcome to my blog bro =) If i knew the Korean dude would bring you here, i would've had it as my first post not 2nd.