Tuesday, October 04, 2005

S/He is Him/Her

I'm in the lab right now, and I'm wondering who is this girl sitting to my left. I've never seen her in our department before. She goes away and comes back to her seat, and I realize this:

It's Larse!

A GUY IN MY CLASS!!!!!!!!!!! Apparently he had a sex change over the summer. S/he is different! Hair, body figure, boobs, 7arakat, etc., except the ugly face was still there.

S/he was in many of my classes when I was an undergrad. What's interesting is that I noticed him/her acting in a way like if s/he's new to here. From the way s/he was talking to the guys who were doing homework with him/her, s/he was talking like a new, different person. One of the guys asked him/her skeptically, I thought, (hiff with these slashes) "Are you a new student here?" S/he answered with a truthful answer, but the way s/he was talking was .. hmmm .. I don't know how to explain :S

Unbelievable! We talk and read about sex change all the time and see people who've actually done it, but when you see someone whom you've been seeing on campus almost daily for the past 5 years, it just doesn't sink in very easily. I remember him being very outspoken and opinionated. He even used to write a column in our campus paper. More interestingly, he was a hippie!

Anyway, I'm leaving now. S/he's just distracting, so I'll finish my work at home.


Shurouq said...

He.. him, she.. shim

Jandeef,I think it's pretty safe to call her a she now.
Lose the slashes.

Sloth said...

its nice that you finally are exposed to a new experience ..
if you ever meet her again ..a simple hello will go a long way :)
Don't judge because there is nothing to judge .. she made her decision and good for her i say hehehe ;)

AyyA said...

I know what you mean Jandeef, I have many guy friends who are very intellectuals, and although I know their sexual tendencies but I can’t imagine having to deal with them when they have a sexual transplant. And if this is the way I feel about this matter and I’m a friend, then how would a stranger react? I really feel sorry for them, and now that he had decided to be a she, I think that you should address her as such.

Erzulie said...

I think it's fear of the unknown; people tend to be scared and/or reject what they don't know or what they never experienced...I have mixed feelings about the whole issue in general...but I treat everyone equally anyway...

Jandeef said...

Shurouq .. It's just difficult to comprehend :P

Sloth .. Qasdich moo shareef

Ayya .. It is awkward when a guy friend is feminine, let alone one who went through a sex change. Anyway, it's not as dramatic in this case coze I don't know "her" personally, I just went to classes with "him" for the past 5 years.

Erzulie: Yes we tend to resist change, but this case is a little bit beyond that. It's something I personally wasn't exposed to before. And I agree, equal treatment must still hold.