Thursday, October 12, 2006

Kuwaiti Freestyle Soccer on Yahoo!

So I was doing my nightly browse to Yahoo!'s main page, and I see a little link on the bottom left of the main "Featured" box saying "soccer guys show off some fancy footwork."

I clicked it, and it became the main item in the box.

I clicked on the video link and watched. Then I see the name M. Alansari, and I say "Oh cool. Possibly Arabs." Then while I'm watching, I start suspecting if this was shot in Kuwait. I look up at the title, and find it saying "Kuwaiti Freestyler."

Isn't that cool! Kuwaiti street soccer guys on Yahoo!'s main page. Enjoy. :D

P.S.: That 3-point "heel shot" is ridiculous!


Yazeed said...

yeah i saw it on yahoo today too.
but tara the video is old, seen it on youtube like 6 months ago

PerseusQ8 said...

Heheh wow, very cool :D

Is that Share3 Dimashq in the back?

Delicately Realistic said...

Ya7lailna il kwaitiyeen, nistanis 3el the smallest mention of us madry laish :)
For example we're at the movies, and for some reason they mention Kuwait, for no reason in particular, has nothing to do with the storyline, hehe the echo of "Oh galaw l'kwait" travels around the whole theatre


mo sa7?

Adorra said...

I don't even like soccer

DR we're just patriotic :-p

snookie said...

mashalla these guys are insane! :D im so happy.. and umm YEAH that shot was comment

Erzulie said...

Wow mashallah 3alaihom that was amazing!

Delicately Realistic said...

New ghbara song on my blog!
I bet u have a story for this one :P

الكويتي الحر said...

كل عام وانتم بخير
وتقبل الله طاعتكم

bo9ali7 said...

happy Eid

Safi said...

Thats my amigo!

moe said...

LMFAO that guy used to go to my school! Small world, much?