Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bee for Bositivity

I have a cousin that I'll name Bee for anonymoty. He’s one of the closest people to me as we grew up together spending long periods of the time in each others' homes. I’m older than him by 1.5 years. We went to school together. We grew further apart recently after I moved to the US. We weren’t used to keeping in touch by phone or e-mail, so I only get to talk to him occasionally when I call his family or when I bump into him on MSN. However, every time I’m home, our relationship resumes naturally as if there were no interruption.
In an e-mail exchange with a friend recently about some random subject, I mentioned his name and I paused for a few seconds thinking “Oh ... it’s been a while since we talked,” and that led to “it’s been a while since we spent quality time together,” which ultimately led to “it’s been a while since we were as we used to be together before I came to the US.” All of that brought quick flashbacks that drew a smile on my face before I continued writing the e-mail.
Thinking more deeply, I couldn't recall ever seeing him sad, grumpy, or in a fight or arguement. He's loved by all of my family's demographics, and they all enjoy his company. On top of all of that, he's a very simple person. He doesn't demand any attention to have a positive effect on others around him; just his presence and his natural self would do.
I asked myself "does he ever get sad or mad about anything at all?"
I hope he doesn't, but it would be hard to believe that it's true all the time. Thus, apparently he's one of those who hide it very well; be it natural or deliberate.
I once witnessed a family weeping the passing of their loved-one. There was a woman in her 20's who was reacting rather differently. She was comforting others with a smile on her face and talking positively. I thought she's probably the saddest since everybody else was venting out through screams and tears, while she was weeping from inside. I thought maybe that's the way she's comfortable with being sad, and any other way would add more sadness.
Anyway, back to Bee. It struck me that I never looked closely into him. Whether he's really happy and positive 24/7, or he's good at hiding, it's strange that for all these years I've taken his positivity for granted. In the end, I'm glad I finally thought of it and now I have a new definition for Positivity. It's Bee.
Looking forward to winter break.


wakee7 said...


كتبوا بالعربي حقنا احنا خريجي الزبير لوووول

Delicately Realistic said...

Allah ytamim 3alay inshAllah :)

(Ythakirny feny, around family only)

AyyA said...

Your post struck a nerve…
Contrary to the general belief; positive people are the most sensitive people, they cry and weep in silence so that they won’t exert pressure on others. Thy hate to hurt others and they seldom open up their wounds, not even to the closest person, but the problem with these people is that when they are hurt from someone, they just withdraw peacefully that some might misunderstand their actions as being cold or insensitive. But they can’t help it. I know because I’m one of them, and at times I wish I was like others who let out with each incident so that things won’t build up and freeze my feelings toward others. But it’s just too much pressure to bear the hurt that this might cause to others. Lately though, I forced myself to change, bas ba3ad kharab bagdad :(

Delicately Realistic said...

Theres something for you on my blog.

Erzulie said...

That was beautiful :)

It reminded me of my sister.
She's the most jovial, big-hearted, social, respected, and faithful person I know. Her love is so...big. I wish I can love 1/10 the amount she does.

The "comforting" part reminded me of her as well. When my grandfather passed away when I was 13, everyone in our house was in hysterics. I was in my own fit when she came in my room and hugged me, quietly assuring me that he's in a safe place.

God bless all the Bees in our lives :)

Safi said...

Are you sure you're not talking about me and my cousin?
Lana it really seems so. Mashallah.
Inshallah kela bees all over the place.

Enjoy ramadan! =D

Adorra said...

It sounds a lot like a girl I know.

Happy Ramadhan

tweety said...

اسمحلي اني ما قريت البوست
بس كنت بقولك مبارك عليك الشهر
وكل سنة وانت طيب

White Wings said...

i have a cousin on whose cheerfulness I depend highly, and I do take her for granted sometimes, glad you brought this to my attention :)
thanks and may you and your Bee stay friends forever