Monday, September 04, 2006

Steve Irwin Farewell

Last November I wrote about being passionate at work, and I gave my best 2 examples as Steve Irwin and Jack Hanna. Well, as you might have already heard the sad news today, Steve Irwin died after getting stung by a stingray barb that went through his chest. He was filming an underwater documentry off of one of Australia's shores.

With him gone, the world has lost an environmental icon, a friend to nature, and a good example to people all around the world. He ended his life doing what he loved to do, and I'm sure he didn't hope for a better closure.

You see; that's the thing about passion. You don't only settle for what's required of you at the minimum, but you have the energy to push things to their limits. Unfortunately, sometimes you miscalculate where those limits are and pay a price as a result.

I'll miss watching his TV appearances, especially those with Conan O'Brien.


Papillona ® said...

May God rest his soul

Jewaira said...

We will all miss him. What a wonderfully unique person he was with such zest for life and his field.

wakee7 said...

لاحول ولا قوة الا بالله
هذي آخرة الخبال
نسيتوا يوم يحط الياهل جدام التمساح
وانتقدته الصحف ومنعت القنوات نشر الصور

Q said...

eee walla Allah yir7uma, I will miss him most on Conan too!!

3asal said...

His death reminds me of one time I went snorkeling in OM Elmaradem with my brother. I saw a huge stingray swimming right underneath and I froze. My bro asked me not to attract his attention by sudden moves and just slowly swim at the surface to the other side. This didn’t work off course and he ended up pulling my hand to the shore. It was a horrifying experience for me and I never did it again. alah yir7omah, he was adventurous.

aka AyyA

Erzulie said...

I know it's mean to say this but I am not surprised that he was killed by an animal.
I was suprised that he wasn't mauled by a bear or something or eaten by a pack of wolves. But the stingray's thingi ("shoka") got him through his heart and he died an hour later.
He has two kids, ages 8 and 3 I think.

It's so sad. He was so hyper and passionate about his profession. His appreciation for the natural world and his commitment to promote awareness is inspiring.

All hail Crikey