Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Jandeef's Shorelines V

Attempts to sort out my eating habits have been anything but success. Even though I've made great strides by adding lettuce and onion to my ever plain Subway subs, and having an apple more than once a year, it seems like my body is demanding more junk food to counter-act that bit of healthiness.

Actually, I think my eating habits deserve a stand-alone post; more on that later, but I can safely say that I'm probably the junkiest person you'll ever get to meet.


Besides putting on 5 kilos in the past few months, the reason why I've become health-concious all of a sudden is that there is a nice momentum building up in my stay-fit attitude, and I'm trying to capitalize on it. I've been exercising, swimming, and playing soccer almost daily in the past one and a half months. Prior to that, the last time I moved a muscle was May 2005 playing tennis and squash. Then I hurt my shoulder and that was about it. Add to it the fact that my Asthma doesn't help much. Also, I hadn't played soccer for probably 2 years, so you can imagine the soreness in my muscles and how banged up my knees and ankles are. The best part is that I finally could play continuously for 2 hours without playing goal keeper; in other words, taking a rest.


Finally; Disturbing news.

One day before his return to Kuwait after his yearly holiday in India, our driver's wife got struck by a car while walking on foot with him. She died from her injuries, leaving him and their 10-year old son behind.

He's been living with us for 15 years now. Hearing the news from mom sent chills through my spine. She described how broken down he sounded on the phone, and that kept him in my mind all day. My deepest condolonces to him and his family. I can't even imagine what's the future going to be like for their son. The poor man still asked my family not to bring someone else, and asked to be given a couple more weeks before returning to Kuwait. Clearly he's more desparate now to provide a living for his son.

Sad. Very, very sad indeed.


Delicately Realistic said...

Tell me about :/
Why is there a reltionship between food and weight? Cant we just eat?

My condolescences to your driver, Allah y9abra :(

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

Living where you live doesn't help with eating healthy!

Sorry about your driver, poor driver ;(

tweety said...

i love fast food ma3a elasaf ,bas laish dayman el healthy food ykon malah 6a3am !?

tara 3awart galby 3ala qe9at sayqkom ...allah e9abrah maskeen

Erzulie said...

Well Jandeef, my suggestion is that you should not deprive yourself. I kind of gave up on getting fresh stuff (veggies and fruits) with the exception of an apple to school; what I do now is get some frozen vegetables oo a7i6hom bil freezer lana lama ashtiri fresh crap ikheesoon (schedule and sa3at ma 3indi wagt a6bakh wazahib). What I do is boil the frozen veggies and lama ikhal9oon a7i6 3alaihom soya sauce. Yummy :))

Personally, I eat healthy lana min ziqerna bil Kwait, a snack is freshly sliced oranges. Fa ti3awadt 3alal akel il 6abee3i. I think the last time I ate McDonalds...ma at'thaker bes akeed sometime in high school...But now, I mean Subway is fine but be careful of the BBQ + Mayo. And load on the veggies wherever you are. Oo lama itro7 ma63am moo ela itkhale9 kilshay in your plate (doggie bag it and try not to eat it at 2 am when you're alone in your apartment :P). Also, take breaks lama takel with friends, actually esp. friends lana la7atht eni ana wayed ahabu9 oo akather bil akel lama fee yam3a.

Ilmohim, the biggest mistake people do when they start working out is that they go on their little plan full throttle. Take it easy and let it be moderate, a habit that grows on you and make time for it like everything else.

Maskeen your driver. Oo welda wein ra7 yig3ad? Ma3a yadita? I suppose that may be the case if the grandparents are nearby and still around.