Thursday, August 03, 2006

Does That Mean Dad Can Sue Me?

A few weeks ago, a man by the name of Allen Heckard has sued Michael Jordan and Nike, and take a wild guess why he sued..

because he looks like Mike!

Only he, Heckard, is 8 years older and 6 inches shorter.

In the suit, he claimed a great deal of physical and emotional damage has been inflicted upon him in the past 15 years for looking like Mike. His friends and family always make fun of him for that; thus, challenging the popular notion that looking like someone like Michael Jordan is a compliment.

Anyway. He's suing Nike because it made MJ the icon he is, and suing MJ because he became .. well .. MJ. For that, he's seeking $800 million (yes, 6 zeros next to the 800) worth of damages.

He dropped the suit yesterday without stating any reasons. Could MJ have paid him hush-hush money? I mean .. he had a good case, did he not?

Please. Do not misjudge the guy. Take a look for yourself.

Poor Allen. Broke my heart :(

Actually, I think MJ has a good case if he counter-sues and says "you have no right to have my copyrighted face."


Jelly Belly said...

LOL I'm not surprised to read about such case...people can sue over anything and everything in this wonder whenever you sign for anything you have to go through so many legal paper work and detailed fine print.

and no I don't see the resemblance between the two!

forzaq8 said...

there should be something to stop lawsuits like that

a punishment , like 500 public slaping

Òrange Juice™ said...

madre ish gul?
What is it with people and courts these day it like some kind of urbanised gold mine

Transparently said...

lol @ counter-sue.
But yeah, there is no basis to that lawsuit. MJ just doesn't want to look for trouble so yah I think he probably paid him off.

Roseate said...


Jandeef said...

JB, Orange Juice, and Transparently
Publicity. That's pretty much it :)

Lol! I liked that!

Yay :D

snookie said...

what a loser.. forzaq8 is right.. but he needs to be bitch-slapped by a hooker..

Q said...

Good!! Now I can finally sue Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise...*cough*...

Jandeef said...

Snookie .. hehe quite an imagination :P

Q .. you said those 2 names, and I remembered Interview With a Vampire.

too much femininity :P

AyyA said...

And I can sue Angelina Julie and demand her hubby as a compensation, she can keep the baby though, I hate changing diapers :p

Alia said...

I'm suing Nicole Kidman for not looking like her in any way

Trina Flowers said...


It's Jolie, not Julie and she and Brad are NOT married, i.e., she has no hubby at the moment even though she does have a significant other.

Q said...

jandeef....haahahahaha, 7ilwa sidtny, cant reply with a witty comeback :P

burn :(

Boring said...

hehe! Looks more like Montel Williams than 'MJ'

Jandeef said...

Boring ..

Lol .. very true!