Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Jandeef's Shorelines IV

ّIt's already December 20th, winter. Are you kidding me? I got stuck with all the heavy sweaters I brought with me! Last night I couldn't sleep so I opened the window, but our deeeech refused to shut up at 3 am, so I turned on my room's AC.

Last Friday was my first zwara this holiday, which means FUN with the KIDS! I was told my 3 year old cousin falls asleep if you yawn in his face. I let it go at first. Then, another cousin sat in front of him and pretended that he was yawning for about 7 minutes, and the little one SLEPT SITTING UP!!! OMG, It cracked us all up LOL. He slept as in they took him to bed, not just a nod! You'd wish all kids were that easy.

My cousin's daughter is also 3 year old and she's confused. Sometimes she calls me "3ammi Jandeef" and sometimes "Khaali Jandeef." Cute!!!!

Another 9 year old cousin is super chubby and has a big karsha. Everybody calls him now Thaif Allah Sharar. He looks and walks like him LOL!

Last night I had to pick from the following: Nadwa about "The Liberal History of Secularism" at Dar Alathar, Qurain Fest. Concert, or national high school concert finale. Tough decision! I ended up going to the Qurain concert, and it wasn't much :( I guess having this many cultural activities is a good thing afterall.

By the way, what was Mr. Yousef Alhajji doing in the concert?

This week's obsession: للغيرة سبايب .. بفراق الحبايب

I listened to it on my way to the concert by Moh'd Alsha3lan. Then it was played in the background after the concert. Now it's stuck in my head!


رشيد الخطار said...

what's strange ina yousef al hajji stayed until the end of the music..
But dinner after the music was fun walah!

Delicately Realistic said...

awwww how cute!
Allah ykhaly 7agkom inshAllah o yrayi7 oma dom!
Hehehe babies are sweeeeeeeeeeet

SheWrites said...




Jandeef said...

Rasheed .. Kan min6irib :P Btw, the first singer I think is Naseem! He looks like him but a different voice. Maybe after getting involved with elma3had el3ali he began to use his potential.

Dinner was fun indeed. Great food too.


Deli Reali :P
Allah esalmich! .. Kids are the best!

Sheee ..

Hmmm .. maaabi .. ana im7aarbich :(

SheWrites said...


Ana illy im7arbitik! You can't t7aribni if I a7arbik first!!

But I adore you. :D :**