Sunday, December 25, 2005

Beauty Killed The Beast

I just watched "King Kong," and let me tell you: What a great masterpiece! Every little piece fits in nicely. I like the story, the choice of actors, graphics, music, the direction. I like it all.

I wasn't excited at first about it being 3 hours long. I remember loving everything about "The Green Mile" but its length. I was numb by the end of it. "Kong" was totally fine however. With all the action and the jaw-dropping graphics, I didn't feel it was long. Did I say graphics? Damn! Hollywood has indeed come a long ways! Everything looked very real! I can't even tell whether all of Kong was graphics or there was some hardware involved.

The fight sequences were great. With the sound track in the background, you literally get the sense of greatness of Kong and the other monsters. The fight scene between the characters and the giant insects and worms had a very queit, slow music background. It was creeping-quiet!

What a second project for Peter Jackson. They say he only took the "Lord of the Rings" series to establish himself as a qualified director for "King Kong." Peter, you used "Lord of the Rings" to audition yourself to Hollywood? If I were Hollywood, I'd tap you on the back and say "go for it, boy you're good. Yo' good."

I give it a 4.32 out of 5. Definitely go see it!

Note to KNCC: Is it really the case that until now you haven't received enough complaints about how freezing it is inside? I was wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt and a heavy sweater, and I almost got hypothermia in my fingers!

P.S.: Kong looked a bit too chubby, didn't he?


Jelly Belly said...

I haven't seen the movie yet...the fact that it's 3 hours emkhaleeni wayed metradeda bas everyone keeps saying it's good movie...I guess I'll give it a shot :)

Shurouq said...

4.32 ha
يا عيني على الدقة

bo_ghazi said...

I hated it!
Sorry Jandeef, but King Kong + Dinasours + giant spiders + the sick creepy witch of the black skinned/blue colored eyes tribe!!
The director shoul've "kammalha" o gave a role to 7marat algayla or al6an6al!!
It literally took 1 whole hour till King Kong appeared! I thought we entered the wrong movie!

Jandeef said...

JB .. Give it a shot you won't regret it.

Shurouq .. Sorry that was a typo. I meant 4.31.

Bo Ghazi =(
Shoof about the dinasaurs (and possibly the other creatures), Jackson paid homage to the original movie back in 1933, so he didn't bring anything new.

I thought about the first hour, and I donno i still thought it was fine. Anyway I believe the movie is not perfect. That's why I gave it 4.31 not 5 :P But to me, any movie above 4.00 is great :D

Alia said...

I totally agree
i loved the movie

الفرق بين كينج كونج القديم والجديد أن الزمن تغير والحين اكو فاست فود ... اكيد اثناء التصوير الاخ كونج كثر من الهامبرجرز

Bloo said...

i loved it ..

snookie said...

hmm.. im getting mixed reviews.. i dunno whether to watch it or not.. but i really should get my own opinion on it.. but 3 hours is way too long..

p.s. king kong should cut down on machboos :P

SnoCone said...

I didn't like the movie because it was three hours long. Forgive me, but Peter Jackson was the worst choice for this kind of movie. He tried to make another LoTR, but dinosaurs and oversized wildlife do not an epic movie make. I’m not saying that the graphics, cinematography, acting, scoring weren’t great, I’m just saying the story wasn’t up to being stretched for three hours just to make a ‘great movie’. Too much packaging not enough content. Plus really? Love Peter Jackson to death, but someone needs to take him aside and have a little talk about this interesting thing called SUBTLETY!!! I don’t know if it was the one hour (tops) of story in three hours of film or the fact that I any ideas Pete wanted to get through were hammered into my head with a sledgehammer, but I walked out of the theater dazed, slightly insulted, and suffering from a headache.
No offense to those who liked it.
Please don't hurt me.

Fedexisms said...

havent seen king kong yet bas apparently its kinda nice

Safi said...

I've read your blog before, I just rediscovered it through Zaydoun again.

I agree with you the movie was very entertaining, a blockbuster.
I actually wrote up something like you a while back on Livejournal.

And Kong, was proportional to reality.

You're like some people I know complaining about the chilled feel.
Maybe your down on thoraxin hormone, I'm not quite sure how it's spelt but it's to that ring.
But actually the opposite happened when I watched Narnia... the cinema was stuffy.

Lastly, I have to say I very much enjoy your blog along with zaydouns.
Goodluck with the studies in the states... if you're still at that. (last entry I remember from you was about how you lost touch with people in Kuwait after being gone for that)

See you around.