Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Hit & Run

A couple of months ago, I finished my class and headed to my car, and I found out that someone hit it and the driver's door was dented. I looked around and this is what I found on the windshield:

Really?!?! How blunt can you be to leave such a lame note WITH A 10-DOLLAR BILL? You really expect me to get over it instantaneously because of your 10-dollar compensation? It would've been a lot less frustrating without the 10 bucks. Knowing that you thought you can buy my forgiveness that cheap just sickened me. I looked around looking for clues and found nothing. I cursed with everything min el sirr o nazil.

If you had left me your phone number, and explained your situation to me, I swear I would've let it go. At least I have a liability insurance policy, so it would've been covered. But of course, you didn't. Bastard!

I went to the police and got me a case number. Not that I was expecting anything from the police since I had no witnesses nor clues except for your lame note and 10-dollar bill. I just needed a case number so I can talk to my insurance agent. Fortunately they covered hit-and-runs.

Fixing the car costed me $220 and it looks fine now. Last weekend I got the check from the insurance, and guess how much it was for. $900. Yes, nine hundred dollars. Dollar yen6a7 dollar. So here is how it breaks down:

$220 Repairing the car door.
$280 Pain, Suffering, and Cursing.
$300 Renewing my insurance (which was due yesterday ironically).
$100 Just for the good feeling.

Add to that I used your stupid 10-dollar bill to get me a foot-long sub from Subway.

This couldn't have come at a better time. I'm about to move into a new apartment and I'm going to travel this summer with my family, so every dollar counts. See, sometimes what's bad turns out to be good eventually.

You who hit my car. If you're reading this, THANK YOU. And no, I still don't forgive you. Sucker!


Anonymous said...

قلبك اسود
He/she did you a favor. Ok for real If I were in your shoes I would've felt the same too :)

Jelly Belly said...

that was funny...dude I'm broke wanna split your 100 dollar bill? :P

I just paid for my speeding ticket coz I missed my day in court...I was in pain when I paid my ticket :(

Bloo said...

post a pic of ur car damage.

check flamingoleya on the etiquite of road messeging after an accident :)

Blossom said...

7aram 3alaik ... it just happened !!! at least he left a note and the 10 dollar daf3a oo man3a :P

You know , I understand how you feel !!

" easy come easy go "

Jandeef said...

They indeed did me a favor. But at the heat of the moment, I was just looking for something kick.
Don't you just hate it when you make your financial plans for the month/week, and you get hit with a fat traffic ticket like that?

Sorry babe. I already spent it on my new apt deposit. But I got a plan for you. Park your car somewhere and I'll come hit it and run away. Let's rip your insurance company off. Don't tell anyone.
I wish I had taken a picture of it. But trust me. It looked ugly.
Khal ewally zain terkeeh 3annich. The note was lame. "If I ever get more, i promise i'll pay." How the hell are you gonna pay me while you have zero contact with me. And the 10 dollars were even more lame. Poor college students can't afford my university's expensive tuition and they don't drive cars.

Yea I should probably a3zim my friends on 3asha or donate some to cast a blessing on the money. Don't wanna brag too much :P

Jewaira said...

My sympathies ;)

Jelly Belly said...

awal shay bel baraka 3ala your new place...
and I'm not so sure if I wanna go with your plan...coz my insurance is from this small Mexican insurance company...ilee sa3at I wonder if they are legitimate...LOL

snookie said...

Jandeef, just for future reference, whats your insurnace company? sounds like a company i can be friends with :D

Jandeef said...

Ee wallah ee wallah ee wallah.
Allah ebarik feech.

Lol. Hey that's still good news. If you could prove their illegal, you could still sue their asses and rip them off for real. 50-50%?

They might be legal, but the workers might be illegal aliens. Try to go there and sound your car alarm off. Let's see if they run away. No offense my mexican readers :P
I don't think there's any insurance company that you can be friends with. Yea they paid me $900 for an accident, but they've been robbing me for the past 3 years.

Anyway it's American Family Insurance =)

مبتدئ said...

Al3an abohom kilihom insurance people

Jelly Belly said...

Jandeef: yeah just scream le imgra :P
no seriously...I had progressive and they ripped me this cute Mexican insurance place is cheap...I only pay 65 dollars for liability..sweet haa ;)

Bloo said...

mobtade2 la tgol al3an abohom.. obohom shaku... if u really really really -and i mean like u have to do this out of a psychic desire- say abo abohom :) without la3n.

بو سالم said...


would you expect a white trash american or even a normal american to forgive him if he left his phone number and explained his situation?

walla he will sue him and send him to jail with no sympathy.

dont comapre it with back home I feel sorry for the guy.

You got your money back + extra shtabee ba3ad

Q said...

hahahahahahahahahaha!! Post of the day for sure :))

مبتدئ said...

Abohom labo abohmo
3ashan kha6er Vintage
Apologies for thier dads, even though insurance companies are mainly family businesses ya3ni their fathers are involved.

Anyhow, 'abohom labo obohum.'
sorry.. bas kanat la7that ghathab

Sloth said...

dammik u got wealthy.. yalla yuba il ghada 3alaik !

Jandeef said...

I agree. Bs la tza3il bnayyatna yuba.
$65 per how long?
Bo Salim,
La tig3ad eddafi3 3anna int elthani. A white trash american doesn't need to sue. That's why there are insurance companies. They pay for this stuff.
Rizg elg6awa 3al khamlat. 3asa ma inshim ree7at floos ella seeda ghada 3asha. McDonald's zain?

Blossom said...

Hold your horses , you were pissed off , you said what you wanted to say and voi la ... did you get your money back ? NO !

I suggest you to take it easy and take a deep breath and do some yoga ....oo goool " mo m7allal " :P

" What comes around goes around"

Jelly Belly said...

monthly...don't forget I have a bad record for speeding LOL

Flamingoliya said...

oh well at least you got a sorry note :)

when i first read it i thought it was so sweet of him/her. but after reading your entry, i felt for you. but still.. at least you got a sorry note and a $ ;)

i got nothing!

Jandeef said...

7aaaaaaaaaaathir. hmmmmmmmmm Inhaaaaaaaaale.
Eeh 3abali per 6 months or something. I would've switched to your mexican friends right away.
Yea 7amdilla I got compensated. Still I think it's lame. I would never walk away from a damage i created.

Sloth said...

la walla illa iygoolik mal il bakheeeel yakla il 3ayyar :D

McD McD amry lullah .. *^_^*

2 Second Club ® said...

What kinda sub ? :P

Jandeef said...

Oven Roasted Chicken Breast in a Parmesan Oregano.