Friday, May 06, 2005

Bad Day

Just a Bump In The Road ...


The Don ® said...

Go over it slow and steady, it'll pass.. the bump has to pass, and you'll keep on going on the road..

nanonano said...

كل شئ يطوف..كل شئ يصير أحسن..الاّ الصحه...فأذا الصحه زينه..انشاءالله كل شئ بيصير زين

forzaq8 said...

the road is full with bumps , don't let it stop you from going on it :)

Ziena said...

agree with Forza

Shurouq said...

Don't spill your coffee

nanonano said...

BTW i had a very rough week but i got over it..and because u r a young man i know that u'll get over it very easily

Jandeef said...

The Don,
Wow this is the last topic I expected to lure you to my blog. Welcome :)

I liked your analogy. It really really helped no mujamala. Bump o slow and steady .. 9ij biker :P Yea it has passed almost completely. Still a tiny bit hanging in there.
والله بدون مبالغة ، من زمان كل ما ضاق خلقي أفتح مدونتج وأقرأ قصة الضب اللي دعمتيه ، بساطة اسلوبج وقصصج ترسم ابتسامة على وجهي ، فشكراً جزيلاً.
Forza & Ziena,
I won't let it stop me inshalla. Thanx for your support.

NYchick said...

Hope u feel better now

Kuwaiti_Man said...

Today is Sunday
I hope that bad day became history by now.

ماتشوف شر

SheWrites said...

Maybe the two of us can start a Bad Day Club? (Or, you know, Bad Month!)
As has already been said, 'this too shall pass.'
I hope you're feeling better soon.


Jandeef said...

I feel better 7amdilla =)
Kuwaiti Man,
It is history until further notice.
I've already started my "Bad Year Club" my friend. But inshalla just a bump in the road.

Judy Abbott said...

becareful ,take a deep breath and eat chocolate :) things will go through smoothly ..
mo etsawee nafsy etnarfiz ba3deen ta3fs al denya.

Jelly Belly said...

I belong to the "bad year club" bas inshallah you'll work things through...hang in there buddy :)