Saturday, June 02, 2007

June 1: Pizza Day

Barbecue Chicken (L)

Courtesy of NYChick


Delicately Realistic said...

Ok...i know what im having for lunch today!

And if ur wondering what a nut pizza's is....its something u should NEVER order hehehehe

White Wings said...

مو حلوة
وايد فيها جبن

snookie said...

ayabaaaah :D bil 3afya bro

Alia said...

I'm ordering pizza today .. shawwaqtni .. bas akeed bidoon chicken

white wings: يوزي عن هالسوالف
البيتزا شفايدتها بالله بدون جبن؟؟

حمودي said...

خوش بيتزا من وين يوعتنا

AyyA said...

I was hungry, but your post sad nifsi, 3ad chiken pizza? Gool seafood mathalan.

Anonymous said...

بالعافيه ان شاء الله
و شكرا على المؤازرة

Abdullah said...