Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Now I Know My A-B-C

Tagged by Shurouq.

- Available or Single:

Cheating. Is that an "A" question or "S"?

- Best friends:
Come and go.

- Cake or Pie:
Lemon Loaf.

- Essential Item:
My Mac.

ليش بكل المقابلات لما أحد المشاهير يُسأل هالسؤال يجيب: المصحف


- Favorite Color:

- Gummy bears or Worms:
How about the ones of a monkey exposing his underarms?

- Home Town:
Whoever created this tag fell short of being creative on this one.

- Indulgence:
ملوخية يدتي

- January or February:
Of course February! I get to celebrate a birthday and a valentine's.

- Kids:
Banned on airplanes.

Cargo, or at least arm flight attendants with anesthetic needles.

- Life:
A room with two doors.

- Marriage:
The leading cause for divorce.

- Number of Siblings:
Lost count.

- Oranges or Apples:
Whichever is more freshly squeezed.

- Phobias:
زهيوي يطير .. I'm Classic

- Favorite Quote:
"My pants are tight, and I'm unusually comfortable."

- Reason to Smile:
When there's no reason for otherwise.

- Season:

- Tag Three People (optional):

وليد العصيمي

القاضي موربيك

- Unknown Fact About Me:
I dip barbecue Pringles in Nutella.

I know.

- Worst Habit:
Pringles with Nutella

- Your Favorite Food:
Pringles with Nutella

- Zodiac:
Liked the movie.


Shurouq said...

Thanks for the original answers.

Why squeezed?

Yeah.. I double tag BintBunaz.

Shopaholic said...

أهم ما في الموضوع كله ال
Pringles with Nutella

Delicately Realistic said...

i had 'nutella and nuts pizza' from some odd restaurant today...
i dunno it was weird....looked like tasted sweet...
never ordering it again!

and u reminded me....ive been tagged to do that one too...will do will do

and welcome back buddy!
u were missed!

Jandeef said...


لا ولازم مشخول بعد .. ماحب الحچال ويع


اي والله


What's a nutz pizza :/

Yalla looking forward to your tag =)

Alia said...


دايما لما أطلب العصير أقوللهم بدون خرابيط .. صفولي ياه وإلا