Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Why Did Nobody Tell Me? :(

Only I forgive her 'cause she rocked!

And BuJwais deserves a monument!


White Wings said...

excellent representation of Kuwaiti women

BuJwais said...

Jandeef, the old link has expired after 206 downloads, so there's a new one. You can replace it with the new one which can be found at the blog :).

Shurouq said...

ده بس من زوأك يا سعادة البيه

And I too thank BuJwais for giving me my 206 downloads of internet fame.

BuJwais said...


Your internet fame is surmounting, the second link has reached 132 until now, and I already put up a 3rd link just in case this one reaches 200 and expires.

I even put it up at google video and had to wait since that day until just now when they refused it :(, I guess they believe I stole it from future TV. They took all this time to review it and then they refused it. Malat 3ala google video.

neelaah said...

بو جويز عندنا موضوع خاص بشروق
و اهي ما قصرت و سمحت لنا نتكلم فيه
ياريت لو تزورنا

freeq8 said...

مشكور تعلمنا شئ جديد
ومنكم نستفيد