Saturday, July 22, 2006

Could It Be Her 1st Oscar?

Word has it that Dakota Fanning will appear naked in a rape scene in her upcoming film Hounddog.

And I thought Linda Blair's performance in The Exorcist was disturbing enough.

P.S.: In her roles in Man on Fire and War of the Worlds, doesn't Dakota remind you of سحر حسين in إلى أبي وأمي مع التحية with all the overly whining?


iDip said...


yes yes.. she does remind me of her.

tweety said...

اول كنت ماحبها سحر حسين ..لأني كنت احب هدى أكثر ..بس عقب مادارت الدنيا وقمنا نشوف ممثلات اشكال والوان يبدعون بكل شي الا التمثيل قمت اقول الله يرحم
ذكرتني في المسلسل ..عاد احب أغنيتهم : يا ابونا وامنا.. يا سند بيت الهنا
احنا ما ننسى فضلكم ..حتى آخر عمرنا

Delicately Realistic said...

Watching that girl act sends chills down the my spine. She carries herself better than i do! But naked scene? Mo china 7aram 3alaihom? Gilna she was born a mature actor bs thats just too much. That girl is so gonna need lots of therapy in a couple of years.

Shurouq said...

Sa7ar and Dakota!
OMG Jandeef.. How perceptive and how true!

Jandeef said...

iDip and Shurouq

What I meant exactly is the exaggerated تنهوص

Sa7ar used to irritate me, yet her confidence on screen amazed me. Same thing with Dakota.

Sij allah yer7am. And that theme song is one of the best all time.

Delicately Realistic

I agree. Remember drew barrymore?

Delicately Realistic said...

Not to mention Brooke Shields? Remember that Blue Lagoon movie?

Erzulie said...

Lol DR I thought about Shields too! Whay shifteeha wehya yahel, ityanin mashallah!
Back to Jandeef...oh yeah, I do not think Blair did THAT much acting in Exorcist; there was a lot of "robot" usage oo her voice was of an older woman's lama kanat possessed...
Mmm..okay tawni khawaft roo7i...*looks around the dim apartment* crap...mama :(

Jandeef said...

Erz ..

Yes Robot. But still the fact that she played such a role is disturbing enough. And I specifically meant that scene when she was screaming F%#$ ME.

ok You just scared me too!

Erzulie said...

Okay kinda cliche but when I read your reference to the f-me part, kash sha3ar yambee :/ The parts that freak me out is:
-"You mother's in here with us. Would you like to leave a message?"
-"Do you know what she did! You c-nting daughter!" (when she's telling the mother gabel ma eyeelaha il dorj ib wayeha)

It's so strange...The characters I am afraid of his her, Reagano, and the girl from the Ring...Reagan I imagine her itni6 3alay wana I am trying to fall asleep...oo malat the Ring akhaf la ashoof'ha yayatni ibser3a ma3a sha3arha il aswad aw bes wagfa yam bab `3orfiti...ashwa it's in the afternoon now so not much khof involved in writing this comment...just a little though...hmm...

Warda said...

You Guys are scaring me :(
ma a7ib il Exorcist

As for Dakota mashallah very talented :)
chan zain loo Fajer Alsa3eid ta36eeha dooor ib mosalsalat-ha il ma'sawiya :) Allah ye3eena this Ramadan sheno benshooof !

رشيد الخطار said...

Sa7 sa7 sa7!!

O I think over confidence that is shown, ya3ny ibayin for the viewer which might make acting exaggerative (if there's such a word - u know what i mean).

رشيد الخطار said...

Just thought about it again.

Man, yebt`ha yaib!
U should do that post we talked about on "similarities"!

Jandeef said...

ٍWarda .. Ee walla allah e3eenna. Bo 9ali7 allah yer7uma is not around any more, so the overall talent and decency level has gone down.

Rasheed .. Working on it :P

Bloo said...

dakota already kissed a guy, move on to other matters.

she is very noisy in interviews, talks alot! and behaves like a mature woman, this is child abuse at it's fanciest.

Q said...

Jandeef .... u know which performance by her scared me the most??


I was really creeped out when I saw that pic in the newspaper!

Jandeef said...

Vintage .. very true indeed!

Q .. Which performance?

and is that dakota in the picture??!?!

Q said...

Jandeef....isnt it her in the pic??

When I saw it, it just felt weird! Chinna having someone like brad pitt crying on a poster about something he has nothing to do with!

btw, join if ur up

Jandeef said...

I'm on msn

Q said...

mako msn in work :( gmail?

3abeer said...

Dakota is a very talented little girl, but honestly speaking, she freaks me out. she lost all the innocence you might see in a child.

it's like she's a 35 year old woman trapped in a little girl's body, wouldn't you agree??

Jandeef said...

3abeer .. I agree. Sometimes her acting is just overblown that it's fake.