Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Crazy Sports Fans

According to ESPN ...
A Detroit Pistons fan who threw a coin at the Philadelphia 76ers' Allen Iverson, hitting him in the back of the head, received a five-day jail sentence Thursday.

This is how things are taken seriously; even the slightest incidents. When people know that even one trouble maker will not get away with it, the other 20,000 in the arena will behave themselves.

I read this and had flashbacks of our soccer games and the animals who intentionally bring stuff in just to throw them! It's not like they happened to have those items in their hands. No, they brought them in on purose. They do their best to smuggle them. It's a shame that police guards have to hand-search the fans at the gates.

A few years ago I attended a soccer game, and Mohammad Bnayan (former Alqadsiya and National Team defender) was hit on his ear with .. guess what .. Fireworks! A kind of long-range 9a33aaadi was lit way up in the stands and it exploded at his ear! Nothing was done to the person who did it!


Erzulie said...

I had a cracker thrown at me. Intentionally. I was walking with my little brother a few years ago during 3eed il Fi6er in the chalet. He ran ahead of me and I followed him when all of a sudden, two guys decided to throw a cracker straight at my head! I didn't know how to react...I was literally starring at them in disbelief.

Q said...

hahahahhaa, sorry bes yistaahil Bnayaaan, shino ya3ny the ball on the ground and waagfa o hem laazim double kick ;P

just kidding obviously! But seriously, have u seen Italian league games in recen yrs? Crazy bastards!

Jandeef said...

Welcome to here. Cracker is better than a rocket. Did you eat it though? :P

Loool!! hehe right on point! You know, being a hardcore qadsawee, it always felt soooooo good when he did those double kicks. Especially when we're beating el 3arabi. We cheered him as if he was ronaldo! 7ag elshimata ya sa3ad!

Erzulie said...


NYchick said...

برا الموضوع لاني ما قريته

الحمدلله على السلامة
بس اشصار على الماجستير؟
والا ذاك رشيد؟ ترى انا مرات اخربط بينكم

Jandeef said...


Long time no see =)

It's me with the masters. And it's still going. I'm just on Summer vacation and taking a break from school.

NYchick said...

الله يوفقك ان شاء الله تستاهل كل خير

ننتظر عودتكم قريبا الى ربوع الوطن الثاني ام الدنيا امريكا