Monday, April 17, 2006

The Da Vinci Code

In the beginning, I didn't like the fact that Tom Hanks is in it. Now, don't get me wrong; Tom is a favorite, but I wished to see a great script carry itself without the need for a superstar. However, now that I'm 34 chapters into it, I'm kinda' looking forward to seeing Tom Hanks as Dr. Langdon.

A good way to come at peace with myself would be saying: I still wish to see the script carry itself alone, and I wish Tom's name wasn't mentioned :D

I don't know whether I should finish the book, or stop a few chapters short, and wait for the movie to finish it off on May 19th.

Being already hooked, I guess the question is can I get that far and resist the temptation to finish it?


Kthekuwaiti said...

Finish it ... waiting will just make it dull and eventually ruin the movie.
I read through the whole thing in a day and a half .. couldn't put it down.

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

FINISH IT, you just have to finish it! I can't wait for the movie to be out but I am pretty sure that the book would be way much better. Books are always anyways.

Sloth said...

i hate to read a book then see the move ! no matter how good the movie is it will always appear consise !
so my take is .. see the movie and then fill in the gaps :D

iDip said...

Since you started, I think you need to finish it.

Because if you don't your mind will probably be occupied by the book for a relatively long time.

It's about how much a book could intrigue, tease, seduce and tempt you.

Dull books will be thrown to Hell before finishing the 1st chapter, or even the first page in the worst situations.
While informative books that have a flowing style of writing will keep you stranded if you don’t finish them.... that’s me & I don't wish you to face the same fate!

So, go ahead and FINISH IT!

Roseate said...

I think no matter how good the movie is it won’t be as good as the I would say ina it would be more interesting to read the ending in the book and then compare it to the movie to see if it does justice to what you have go for it babe:p finish da book!

PerseusQ8 said...

Jandeef, a friend of mine from work recommended the book when it came out.

I read it. o my honest opinion is that it's quite possibly the worst thriller ever written. Complete pot-boiler nonsense.. Populist entertainment to the max: Hokey history and Euro-"intrigue".. mako substance at all.

You want good science+great story? read Michael Crichton's entire output. Never disappoints.

bo6argaa said...

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ScarlO said...

I honestly didn't like the book. Yes, I read it in like, two days, and yes it was entertaining but I don't see a reason for the hype people are making over it :-\

Finish it. The film adaption, I think, will be just as good as the book. I mean, usually books are better than films but in this case I doubt it; the snappy-fast pace and the very short chapters (which is an arsed technique) and how the whole events take place in like, one day or two? I'm not sure..

Finish it ... and sorry, I couldn't resist bashing Mr. Brown's artistic work :-\

Adorra said...

Finish reading it. I personally don't like the fact that Tom Hanks is playing R Langdon. ALthough Dan Brown mentioned that Tom Hanks was the person he was thinking of while writing that book!

Oh and I'm pretty sure the movie will be great but not THAT great.

رشيد الخطار said...

finish the book..
its always better than the movie..

Part of me doesnt even want to see the movie.. And part wants to see how would they portray such a complicated story (with so much narrative) on screen.

رشيد الخطار said...

taby akharib 3alaik wagolik shyser akhir shay??

Akhir shay alba6al wil mojrim yi6lo3on khwan, o al na6al (who is also a policeman) doesnt know that ila after he shoots al mojrim (his brother) .. Thats how a great story should always end :P

snookie said...


i dont understand how u can even put it down :/

i guess i kinda agree about using star power.. but im not complaining :D the whole cast is awesome! and i cant picture other people HONESTLY.. this is going to be a fantastic movie..

any idea if kuwait will release it on the global release date?

Safi said...

Why use Tom Hanks? Well to hit the big numbers ofcourse. Duh!
Sure the movie on itself might get what it gets, but throw Tom in the mix... and BAM you get magic numbers.

NYchick said...

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ZinZinQ8 said...

Read the book. Two reasons:
1)It's an amazing and even educational book
2)It's sure to be better than the movie as is the usual case when books are turned into movies.

Bloo said...

finish it before the movie. for one, books always are more descriptive and imagination-fertile. two, the book is an educational picnic, most of the time ... to the point that u would think.. where is the story?? (a plus for education lovers, not so for novel readers).

neelaah said...

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