Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Who Doesn't Envy Birds?

All of a sudden, I feel like flying!

Don't you sometimes just wish you had wings? To be able to spread them out and fly away. Or let me say fly up. I don't have a particular place to go to. I just want to fly up over many places.

A couple of years ago I went sky diving from 12,000 feet. It was one of the greatest feelings/moments I've ever had in my entire life. Even though I was "falling," not literally "flying," but the feeling was absolutely indescribable! Nothing is carrying you. Nothing is holding you. You feel independent. Free! Free of anything.. Everything!

(By the way, if you haven't done sky diving, DO SO at least once in your life time. It's so worth it.)

Many people associate the expression "I want to fly" with happiness. Well.. that's not necessarily the case with me. I'm not happy nor sad. In fact I'm a little stressed out these days over several things. But I just feel like flying right now!

For everything else other than the flu, I envy birds.


جنة الحواس said...

EEE 7addah ...
يا بخت النوارس بس
فوقهم سما و تحتهم بحر
ماذا عسانا أن نطلب أكثر ؟
Flying 2 me is always associated with : التحرر
و لما الانسان يتحرر من كل شي
Simply كل شي
He'll eventually feel happy ..

Jandeef said...

Broke ..

يا بخت النوارس بس
فوقهم سما و تحتهم بحر

اللـــــه! روعة

تصدقين لما كنت أبحث عن صورة أكثر ما وجدت كان النوارس ، لكن تجاهلتها لأني كنت أضع النورس في نفس خانة البومة والغراب ، بس والله ما طرت على بالي السما والبحر

روعة التعبير.

adorra said...

I like penguins. Does that count?

Jandeef said...


Penguins are cute .. they look like shyookhna wiyya bshoot-hum :P

Shurouq said...

Sky diving sounds tempting

& I think someone's obsessed with shyookhna
الله يعزهم

Jelly Belly said...

3ayal I feel like I wanna be a fish and swim away in the ocean!

o 3ala 6aree al sky diving I went all the way to the place and chickend out at the last minute!

adorra said...

LOL jandeef!! sa7 sa7 akh that was funny.

Sloth said...

what's wrong with Crows and owls ?! i luv them !

Jandeef said...

Shurouq .. I have stickers on my car ba3ad :P

JB .. I almost chickened out too, but I said to myself "Look .. this is probably gonna be your one and only chance in your life to do it, so just do it an get it over with" And then all of a sudden I found myself free-falling at 180 mph!

Sloth .. Check my latest post :P

Safi said...

My stomach feels funny when I think of sky diving... hmm.

Hazolat said...

Always dream that I'm flying, literally dream it. always wake up feeling happy that I at least experienced that even if it was only in a dream. maybe I should take up sky diving.
Imagine this ad: Take up sky diving in kuwait! Surviving the experience not guaranteed.
shakli keep on dreaming.