Thursday, January 19, 2006

أين تذهب هذا المساء؟

Munich was good.

I thought Spielberg gave a relatively fair account of both sides.

Damn it; is he bad in any genre` at all?


Could this be interesting?

Starring Albert Brooks (clown fish in Nemo), it premiered in Dubai last week. It is premierring in LA and NY this Friday. I don't know when it will be nation-wide if at all.


Last but not least, March 24th...


Jodie, and Denzel

Are you kidding me?

Or too much star power?


Mark said...

was gonna ask you where you saw Munich but then noticed you were in the US :)

Been trying to find a decent screener copy of the movie to download but havent had any luck..

Shurouq said...

Is he bad in any genre at all?

Did you miss War of the Worlds? :)

A true legend nonetheless.

Jandeef said...

Mark .. Good luck with that. It's a good movie =)

Shurouq ..

e7em .. I liked War of the Worlds :$

snookie said...

oh woo i hope its great.. i love jodi and clive..

spielberg is fantastic in everything :D

snookie said...

but i didnt see war of the worlds.. tom cruise makes me throw up.. blech.

Bloo said...

jandeef... i read last month a special interview with spielberg about munich and i couldnt let go of each word.. really genius director. with or against.. the fact he starts.. where every jew should stop. but guess what, when i read the times of last week, in response to that interview.. the jews went berserk, understandably..

cant wait to see it myself.
if u see syriana.. let me know

Jandeef said...

Snook .. Yea I can't wait to see Denzel and Jodie together.

Vintage .. I read excerpts from the Times' interview with Spielberg. Captivating.

I'm gonna watch Syrianna very soon. Possibly this weekend.

PerseusQ8 said...

Hey Jandeef, speaking of "tawarud khawa6ir" :

this was on NPR's Fresh Air today.. nice interview.. tell me what you think

Zaydoun said...

I keep forgetting you guys have your own blogs...

I'm dying to see Syriana!

Bloo said...

jandeef.. noticed ur add lately ? :)

DareDevil said...

Nice post :)

Jandeef said...


I listened to the interview and it is interesting. I'm gonna comment on it but the notes i took are in my office in school. So stay tuned.


Bloglines does wonders.

And I watched Syriana last nigth. I might post about it if I get a breather from SS.


Ma fahamt?


Thanks for stopping by =)

Emikweesta said...

I agree with you about Munich and I must say it's an excellent movie, though I heard that some of the occurances and events were not accurate, yet speilberg did a great job as he has always been doing.

Syriana is good too but I was kinda puzzled at some parts.

Jandeef said...

Perseus .. This is my brief comment on Brook's radio interview:

First of all, doesn't the "typer" sound like Michael Jackson?

The arguement over Seekh vs. Muslim jokes is quite interesting. How funny it is depends on which side of the spectrum you are. Also I believe a big part of how funny a joke is is timing. I know people whom nothing comes out of their mouths but malaqa, yet the timing makes it hillarious. Also the way it comes out.

The fact that he's Jewish and the people's willingness to work with him is also interesting. It shows how many people establish pre-judgements.

Finally, I can understand Sony's position in opting out of the distribution or production. Forget about all the glorious headlines about believing in a message and what not. What matters in the end is mostly the bottom line. Sony sells alot in the Muslim world, and they don't want to gamble with that.

O bs. It's more appropriate to comment on the movie itself. I'm hoping it gets released nation wide.