Monday, August 22, 2005

Jandeef's Shorelines I

Finally things have settled in Kuwait for me ... sort of. Sleeping is sorted out, work load is a little less, and I finally went out and hung out with friends and family. Once again, I feel like a stranger.

Speaking of free time, I need a weekend in a chalet alone. No computer, no phone, and nobody! The thing is I don't have a chalet that I have so much control over. I can't ask my uncle to dedicate his chalet just for me.

A lot of repair work is going on in our house, and it's irritating. Strangers walking in and out, paint smell, noise and Mr. Jack hammer above my room, grandpa not liking their work almost all the time, and it's taking longer than it should.

By the way, did I tell you that I'm getting my own semi-apartment at home? :D I demanded at least a bedroom, living room, and bathroom, and my demands were peacefully met. I'm sick of white walls, so I decided I'll paint the living room light beige with darker spots, but it wasn't a perfect finish. Since I didn't like how the color looked anyway, now they're repainting it very light grey-bluish background with blue and dark grey spots. (Blogger's color collection wasn't very helpful).

I made a new real-life friend. I met a fellow blogger for the first time in my short blogging history. We had a conversation about our careers over coffee for her, snapple for me, and an Oreo cheese cake that I didn't like. We're picking up the conversation today as we'll be meeting a guy who's going to talk to us about his career, which is related to mine.

Miami's "Ya Booya" is hillarious! "Oo Shooo Sawwa?"

Girls here are getting more gorgeous by the minute! Crush rate is at an all-time high.

A friend of mine is going through "sexual frustration." Help him please. 9a3ban 3alay.

Finally, I know I've been posting personal things about me that have probably revealed my identity to you, so I'll repeat Mobi's pledge: if you know me, please don't tell me! I too don't want to know. And keep it to yourself, will ya? Don't go spread it around, please. Worse than that is someone trying to trick me, either on purpose or just double checking that it's actually me, like asking me whether or not I read some posts (especially on Sa7at Alsafat), and these posts all happen to be written by Jandeef!


Judy Abbott said...

ya7leelik you cracked me up with
" Girls here are getting more gorgeous by the minute! Crush rate is at an all-time high."

LooL dude .

hang on there there is more to enjoy #;p

Bloo said...

u r getting ur own semi-apartment.. i'm gonna be 26 in few months, and i share me room with me younger sis :) nas fog o nas ta7at (all respect to me sis, i think i'm the one who needs to be kicked out)

Hanan said...

Go with dark walls. They give the room a sophisticated look.

Oh and a peaceful me-time in a chalet would be heavenly. Hope the hammer stops banging soon.

Jandeef said...

Yea still hanging on! Mashalla 3alaihum they're really beautiful.

is it the two level bed?

The hammer is still going on. And the chalet idea is still in the making =)

Jewaira said...

Glad you're getting your own space at home. Does wonders for your sanity :)

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

I want my own apartment when I move back home. I am afraid I won't be getting one. WHY? Because I am a girl. EKH... At least, I am getting a new room with a mini living room.

Mom called and asked what color do I want it to be paint and I said light beige. LOL, now I am afraid I won't like it.

Bloo said...

not even a two level bed.. ouch :)

Jandeef said...

Ee walla glad! I'm moving there tonight :D

Even if it's "mini," a living room is always good!

Wanasa :P You reminded me of one of the summers when I had 5 people sleeping in my room :D

Exceer said...

Shopa and Jandeef, el fal li, i am on the way of getting an apartment inshalla "of course as shopa said not alone cos i am a fe-male".. still i cant wait..

Enjoy it Jandeef:)

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